Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Visiting the Steele's & the bathroom

I did something a little crazy this past weekend, and packed up the kids to visit our good friends in NC.  The trip was about 5 hours drive time, and 1 half hour stop to change diapers.  We know the Steele's from about 10 years together with Young Life in the Dominican Republic & it is funny that we are both stateside & can still hang out!  God is good.

We got to talk, drink coffee, talk, visit their church, talk, & Scott took us to the original Krispy Kreme - it was wonderful.  Stella really enjoyed it!  Abi & GiGi had a blast finding their cats & Stella only got scratched once from petting a bit too hard.  Their daughter Ellie was amazing with the twins & has the makings of a great babysitter.
Our only rough spot of the trip was on the way home.  I got out to pump some gas, and realized that I needed to use the bathroom - I mean I REALLY needed to use the bathroom.  What should I do? Take all 5 girls in with me?  Keep the twins in their car seats & hope Stella held Abi's hand into the bathroom?  Stella is not always cooperative.  So I decided to have Abi hold one of the twins so that I could hold onto Stella, and the other twin - who I would keep in her car seat.  As I got Abi & GiGi out, Chloe in her car seat out, I handed Claire to Abi, and as I went to get Stella out - Abi screamed.  Claire had an exploding diaper, and Abi had poop all over her hand.  She freaked out & rubbed her hand on my jeans as I tried to balance Stella & Chloe. This was NOT looking good & I still really had to . . .
In a jeep next to us sat a woman & in the backseat a child.  She was watching this 'show', and when the poop surfaced she asked if she could help.  Now I know we've all heard the horror stories that involve kids, but what should I do?  I had poop on my pants, poop almost in my pants, 5 cranky kids - 3 of whom were poopy themselves - it all stank!  So I left Abi & the twins with this woman & her child, and took Stella & GiGi to the bathroom with me.  I went to the bathroom in record time, and when I got back everyone was there - and happy.  I almost cried.  Her husband had been inside buying ice, but they stayed & helped until everyone was changed & back in their car seats.  I thanked them, and got in the car and praised God for sending them my way.  Here was a complete stranger with her own 3 year old in the car & a fresh bag of melting ice - and yet they were willing to help a complete stranger, me, with too many kids to be able to go to the bathroom properly.  I learned a lesson - again - I should never be to busy to help a mother in need.  Or anyone for that matter.  Melted ice will freeze again - a mother's sanity may never come back.  Praise God for miracles of provision.
We would love to see you guys - just come visit us for a while.


Erin said...

I'm so glad there are still nice people in this world! (I wish they would come rescue me sometime! LOL) Gotta love the poop stories, at the time they are Never funny but a couple hours from then when the stank is gone- you laugh and wonder how you even kept it together! You're a rockstar!

The Halls said...

Well that sounds fun! I am glad you were helped by that family!

Thanks for the comments on my blog! I love getting to meet new old are your twins? Mine are almost 6 and it is getting easier...there is light at the end of the tunnel...I promise!

girlytwins said...

Your story is hilarious. I found myself laughing out loud a few times. Thank God for good people in the world. Thank God for mothers and the understanding they have.

I'm glad your trip was good besides the drive home. It sounded worth the bath room drama.

Laura said...

Great to see you joining the blog world. CUTE family. Great stories. You will glad you recorded them I promise!

Anonymous said...

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