Monday, September 28, 2009

Time in Tennessee

This past summer we spent a few days at Pap & Grandma Linda's house in TN, and packed in as much as possible in those few days. You girls LOVED everything . . . swimming, boating, feeding fish, tubing, eating s'mores, and spending time with Pap & Grandma Linda. Pap let you girls drive the boat - even Stella - Pap has always been a brave man. This is the second summer in a row we have spent some family time with them, and I am hoping it continues - as long as we don't destroy their house! Maybe next summer we will try skiing. Fun stuff!

Summer Full of Fun

Girls this summer - of 09' - we went on lots of trips. Or as Abi called them 'field trips'. Our first trip was to Branson, Missouri for a family reunion on Grammy's side of the family. Over 10 years ago Grammy's family began getting together every other summer for almost a week, and it has been a great time to see family we do not get to see often.
We did lots of fun things: go-carting, Butterfly World, Dixie Stampede Show, lots of pool time, family meals, Silver Dollar City, catching lightening bugs, fed trout, balloon fights, and more. The most important was just being together. It is a desire of mine that our family will be will always want to get together also. I cannot imagine not spending time with you girls - all of you girls - in years to come.
This was the first reunion without PapPap, Grammy's dad. That was difficult at times, because PapPap LOVED you girls & your cousins; and he loved having fun with the family. There were many moments we thought of Pap, knowing he would have loved our time together. PapPap is with Jesus, and we will see him again. This encourages me to keep talking with other family who have not experienced how amazing God is, and the gift of His son, Jesus. Girls, may we always - in love - keep sharing Jesus with family & praying for them. How wonderful to have the rest of eternity as one big family reunion! Til then, here are some great pics of our time together.

Trip #2 was to PA. Papi was on the mission trip to the Dominican Republic so we picked up Grammy at Tio's house & drove the 13hour trip to PA. You girls were excellent in the car. Grammy and I are not known for remembering the camera, so . . . there are no pics of our time. I know, I know. Maybe this will jog your memory:
- visiting Round Hill Farm to feed the ducks, pet horses, watch a cow get milked & pet the baby cow (or rather be licked by the baby cow), see chickens, pigs & lots of mice.
- went to Kennywood Amusement park. Abi, Jillian and I went on lots of bigger rides, and Grammy & Aunt Karen watched Stella, Chloe & Claire in Kiddyland. Everyone had a great time, and Karen let Abi go in the 'pool', which was the fountain that had big signs saying, 'No Wading or Swimming.' Classic.
- Carnegie Museum of Natural History to see the dinosaurs and lot of animals, and other fun things. Abi, Jillian and Stella LOVED it all.
- Uncle Terry and Stacy took us on their boat & you girls went swimming!
- We saw Nanny, and you girls got to sing to her, give her pictures, eat her snacks, give her lots of kisses, and you guys brought life to all of the other patients.
We stayed with aunt Karen & uncle Terry and you girls had fun playing with their dogs, touching as many electronic & breakable things you could get your hands on, playing with the neighbors, and being loved on!