Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Stella finds her Voice

6 months ago you barely spoke, or rather I barely understood. Now, sweet Stella, you love to tell stories and sing songs . . . almost non-stop.
I have to admit that this school year started off a bit rocky with concerned conversations with the teacher on how you would not listen or leave the playground. Days without earning the coveted sticker to show you had stayed on Green Bear behavior. Many time outs for engaging in a chase around the house instead of coming when called. Or disturbing outbursts when you would push or tackle your sisters out of frustration.
6 months later the results are amazing. Every day is a Green Bear sticker day. Weekly progress reports boast of listening, sharing with friends, and answering questions. You have learned the difference of playing chase, and obeying me when I call you. Most sweet to see though is how you have actively taken on the role of big sister.
My heart warms as I watch you play and care for your sisters in a manner that reveals a tenderness, and I cannot begin to tell you how grateful to God I am for you. Between the Pre-K program in the morning and the special Speech/Articulation/Language program in the afternoon, you have found your voice. With that voice you are beginning to find confidence, your sense of humor, the ability to help, and the joy of connecting. I love to hear you sing - which you LOVE to do with almost any song, and I especially enjoy watching your manners emerge. 'May I?', 'Thank you', 'OK', and 'Yes Mommy' have never sounded so good.
Stella, these programs have helped you find your physical voice - the ability to make sounds and connect them to meaning. I am extremely grateful to the teachers and the programs.
Now my prayer . . . for myself, is that I will continue the process of helping you find your voice. God created you with a specific purpose & in a sense, voice. I cannot wait to see the voice that God has given you, and the plans He has for you to utilize your voice. I am honored and humbled have such an amazing opportunity to help you find your voice, encourage you to grow & use it, and help hold you accountable so that it is all to the glory of God. In a bizarre way, as I journey with you in establishing your voice - I am finding mine. Thank you, Stella for helping me to refine and continue to find my voice. Thank You, Jesus, that you have a plan and purpose for us - help us to follow Your voice