Sunday, April 26, 2009

Abi's Solo

Abi singing at Camp Wallaballa
Abi waiting to perform her solo alongside Julia.
Abi after the show with her proud sister, Jillian.
Camp Wallaballa came to our church, and Abi sang a solo. Once I got over the cheesy title - it was a blast. Abi, you did an AMAZING job. The play was about the Promises of God. Knowing them, having them play an active role in our lives, and trusting God to keep them. You sang a part of the song, Standing on the Promises. I really am so impressed with you. You seem to have so much fun, know exactly what you need to do, and you deliver in an unforgettable way! I have to hand it to our church. We really have a top notch choir department. What a blessing for me as a mother to be able to drop you girls off for choir, pick you back up in about an hour, and know that you are having fun, learning music, and glorifying God.
Not that I don't want to be a helpful involved mom, but I really am thankful for this program - who knows if our church didn't have anything I may have felt compelled to 'help' out. This would have been . . . bad - bordering on tragic. Especially if I would have to tote Stella, Chloe & Claire - all of whom are 2 years old now. But, I am going down a road I do NOT need to go. FUMC has an amazing group of folks who are not only extremely talented, but give generously of their time to these kids. I am grateful.
Jillian, you were great tonight as well. You were so supportive of Abi, and did not fuss about sitting with me instead of being on stage singing. You are a great sister. You did ask if Stella, Chloe & Claire could come watch the play as well (they were in the nursery). After thinking a whole mili-second, I said maybe in a few years they would be able to sit for an hour and watch Camp Wallaballa. Until then - the nursery sounds GREAT!