Thursday, October 23, 2008


You girls are blessed with some amazing cousins.  We do not get to visit with everyone, but we do get to see Frankie, Micah, & Ruthie more often.  Abi, since you & Frankie are 6 months apart; and Jillian, you and Micah are 6 months apart - you often form partnerships with each other.  (Sorry, Ruthie - I told your mama to stick with the pattern so Stella would have a little partner, but . . . now she really has some catching up to do).
Whenever we are together, you guys automatically separate into these little teams.  Too cute.  I remember a few times at the zoo when you guys were each other's partners, and whenever Tia Sarah would say, 'Where's your partner?  Stay with your partner.'  Frankie would holler, 'Partner!  Come here partner!' You guys are just so darn cute together - when you are playing/sharing nicely.  Surprisedly, that is more often than not.
It's fun how you guys think of each other.  You draw each other pictures, make crafts for each other, want to call each other on the phone.  It's like you have made permanent impressions on each other's hearts, and you're still so young.  Watching you guys is like looking at this amazing picture.  So many things stand out, and are so different - but it's the individual beauty seen collectively in the picture that makes it so memorable.
Now adding Stella, Chloe, Claire, and Ruthie to the mix is fun.  Frankie & Micah already felt a protectiveness with you little ones, and always wanted to hold you, help you, and carry you.  Sweet Ruthie now has 7 'older' ones to protect her, play with her, touch her & 'borrow' her toys.  I'm curious to see how you guys continue to grow up together & knowing that Frank & Sarah are raising your cousins to love God with all of their mind, heart, body & soul = I really cannot wait to see how you all will glorify God & make an impact on His Kingdom.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Dedication

This past Sunday Papi and I had the honor of dedicating you - Jillian, Stella, Chloe & Claire - to God with family, friends, and our local congregation as witnesses and participants in this dedication. (Abigail, you were dedicated with Frankie & Marley when you were a baby.)  What does that mean?  We recognize that you are God's.  We are acknowledging that your life is His, and it is our desire that your life glorify Him in all ways.  It will be our commitment to you and God to help you on your journey as you discover the amazing and personal God who created you and has a plan for your life.
Tia Kelly and Padrino Chelo are your Godparents.  Papi and I have asked them to come alongside us in in loving you and raising you in way that pleases God.  They are also there to hold us accountable to how we raise you.  
Padrino Chelo came over from the Dominican Republic with his family and his mom and dad.  He came not only as your Godfather, but he dedicated his son, Joselito as well.  Papi is his Godfather.  Kinda crazy I know.  Padrino Chelo is Papi's best friend, and seeing them together is a real treat.
Grammy and Tia Kelly came up early spend some time and help prepare.  Grammy cooked LOTS of delicious food so that we would not spend the entire time in the kitchen, and our family CANNOT be together without eating lots.  Tio Frank & Tia Sarah came with their kids & you were more thrilled about playing with them than anything else.  Plus, you girls LOVE baby Ruthie.  Having everyone in the house, sleeping over - taking over - I wasn't sure what to expect.  God is sooooo good.  The weekend was more than wonderful.  A truly special time.  We are blessed beyond belief, and it is my heart's desire that we honor God and acknowledge Him.
Chloe, Stella, Abi, Claire, & Jillian posing before we go to Church.
Padrino Chelo, Don Jose, Rosmely, Joselito, Dona Nadira
Frankie & Micah 'warming' up for church

Alexa & her parents stood with our family.  They truly are our family here, and Alexa is like an older sister to our girls - she is my saving grace (and sanity) here in Dublin.

We took about 280 pics - these were the best family ones -ugh.