Friday, November 7, 2008

Our New President

This past Tuesday was a historic moment for the United States of America.  This nation elected Barack Obama as our President.  He is the first black man to be president.  Now, when you girls finally read this journal, this may not seem like a big deal . . . but it is.  These are exciting times on so many different levels, and maybe I can encourage Papi to write something about this as well.  Papi and I have spent many long nights watching debates, conventions, and speeches (and basically I am 1 tired mama & don't understand that much more).  It has been a long & crazy campaign.  I also need to mention a word about the man he ran against, John McCain.  John McCain lost, but his last speech on the night he lost the election was spoken with integrity.  He not only congratulated Mr. Obama, but offered his service to him as his new president.  Mr. McCain truly ended his campaign in an honorable way.  It was very impressive to watch.  Now, as President -elect Obama and his family prepare to move into the white house I am excited & curious to see what the future holds.
Blessings, wisdom & discernment to you, our next president: Barack Obama. 

Sunday, November 2, 2008


This past Thursday our church held a Trunk-or-Treat.  You all LOVED it.  Now, let me start off by saying that Halloween is one of those holidays that can create a dilemma amongst fellow believers.  I know the history of it - the inception - and I also KNOW that it has no hold or authority on me.  Now if we lived somewhere or went to a church that did not participate in anything Halloween, it would be no big deal.  Because Halloween in and of itself has little significance for me.  What I do know are my memories of it - pure sugar/hyped fun.  Now, as you become older & more knowledgeable you may wonder why I ever allowed you to don a costume, but I guess my take on it right now is that it is a time to get together, have some fun, eat some candy & be a bit goofy (figuratively or literally).  
Growing up Kelly and I always ran around our neighborhood, pillow cases in hand, knocking on EVERY door & getting a load of candy.  We always made our own costumes - Pac-Man, the Upside-Down Man, a clown, a pumpkin filled with blown up balloons that popped every now & then scaring & stinging us!  We ate as we walked, and always appreciated the occasional sugar filled drinks given out.  We literally walked the whole neighborhood.  Where my parents crazy???  I would NEVER let you girls do that.  No, they weren't crazy it is just a different time, and not every house gives out candy.  Kelly and I would come home, dump out our pillow cases of candy, eat a few more things & mom would put everything in a big bowl for future special treats that would last the month of November.
There really isn't Halloween in the Dominican Republic, and having lived there the first 4/5 years of your life (Abi & Jillian); last year was the first year we ever went trick-or-treating.  We had just moved here, and some new friends invited us.  We drove to a neighborhood that is known for their generous participation, parked the car & started our first Halloween experience.  The first house that you guys went to, the woman opened the door & Jillian you walked right into her house.  Neither you nor the woman knew what to do - it was classic.  You ladies were thrilled, and it was fun watching you enjoy this time.  Alexa & her mom helped pick out your costumes last year & this year - which has been a treat for me! Here are last year's pics.

This year we arrived to Trunk-or-Treat, and Abi you were off.  You walked around, gathering candy, playing games, socializing, and all without mommy or Papi.  You would come find me every so often to 'check in', and then you were off again.  Jillian, you would go off to fill up your bag with some candy, and then come, sit, and eat some.  Then run off to fill up some more.  When we first arrived, Chloe REFUSED to walk!  I was carrying a small giraffe.  Then Claire saw a game where kids were throwing small whiffle golf balls into plastic jack-o-lanterns.  Well, this looked like so much fun that you grabbed those golf balls & wouldn't let go.  Needless to say, for other kids' future enjoyment, I pried those golf balls out of your hands & picked you up as well.  A giraffe under one arm, and an alligator under the other.  Calling Stella to follow. (Papi was in charge of taking pics for the event.)  We headed to a grassy spot, sat down, and dove into the candy.  You three were VERY happy to start loading up on sugar, and I was happy that you were in one spot.  It actually worked out nicely.  Stella decided to venture around by herself, and was a happy fairy out on her own.  About a pound of sugar later, Chloe & Claire, you girls were anxious to move about.  I was just thankful no one went into sugar shock!  Well, I was always told, what goes up must come down.  And everyone came crashing down right about bed-time.  Perfect.

Abi as Hannah Montana - out on her own!
Check out the cool sparkly boots!
Stella out on her own!

The following day - true Halloween, I decided that we did NOT need more candy and would not go trick-or-treating.  I went through your candy, and took out what you girls did not like, or that was worse for you teeth.  Of course I saved anything I liked.  Papi left for a football game, Chloe & Claire went to bed, and a few folks came for candy.  You girls were THRILLED with giving out candy.  Abi begged me to make a sign to put on the door.  It read:  
 We put on a movie, and gave out candy.  After a bit I turned off the porch light, because everyone ringing the doorbell kept waking up the twins.  As we watched our movie, Jillian you asked if we could go trick-or-treating. I said no, b/c Papi was gone with the car & Chloe & Claire were sleeping.  You were NOT happy, and Abi said, "Gigi, you'll have to wait another year for the next Halloween."  She said that & gave me the look that she's older & understands.  Jillian exclaimed, 'That will be forever.  I can't wait that long. Oh NO!'  And then you had a mini-melt down.  I told you that if you could calm down, and stop crying - maybe - MAYBE - when Papi got home we would go.  Surprisingly you calmed down, and the second Papi got home you asked if we could go now.  Did I forget to mention that you girls were in your pajamas?  Well, you grabbed shoes & a jacket, and we were out the door.  I drove around a mostly dark neighborhood, but we managed to find a few homes that gave us some good -not needed- candy.  You were SUPER DUPER duper duper duper duper duper duper happy.   I am hoping that it is always this easy to please you, and I learned something.
I do NOT want having 5 kids, and the fact that it will be more work & more hassle to do things, stop me from going to places, parties, events - whatever because it is more work.  You girls deserve all of my energy & best.  I will try to always go the extra mile - and more for you girls! love you.