Thursday, August 7, 2008

Abigail and Her Chores

Since I started this blog to journal our family, I am going to try & talk about them individually as well.  Today it is all about Abigail.

In a prior blog I shared a bit about my clean house (or lack thereof) frustration.  Trying to be a creative mommy I decided to borrow/steal an idea that countless other moms & Super Nanny have used - the Chore Chart.  I decided to include Abi as much as possible in helping me 'create' this chart in the hopes that she would be more inspired to follow it.  Also, Abi has NOT wanted to go to bed at the normal bed time with her sisters.  She wants to be a 'grown up', and stay up later.  Ironic that I would LOVE to sleep & not have any grown up responsibilities.  So besides a 'special snack' as an incentive for winning stars on her Chore Chart - there is the stay up later incentive.  I would be thrilled if she won this incentive - b/c that would mean she is actually helping out during the day.  
#1 - Guira is our dog & I will be thrilled to cross getting her food off my list.
#2 - What mother doesn't want her kids to clean their room - I think this is a chore list staple, right?  The C looks a bit like Pac-Man b/c she began to write Klean - and then I corrected her.
#3 - The first time is the important part of this rule that I am trying to enforce - Dream the impossible dream, eh?
#4 - This was her desire - heck, I only started to make my bed in my 20's - it's a bit overrated - but she put it there!
#5 - I almost stopped her from writing this b/c I don't have high hopes that I will ever see any stars after this rule - we'll see.
#6 - Speak Spanish - Since they are also Dominican, Arturo & I feel it is VERY important for them to speak Spanish.  They completely understand it - we try to speak Spanish always in the house, but they are lazy about speaking it - sooo . . .  here is some extra incentive.
I know some of you are looking at her chores & thinking that mom has coaxed her into adding a few, like #3 or #5 - but NO - Abi thought of her chores on her on.  Actually she wanted to add a few others, but I told her that 6 was enough & let's focus on those first.  The last thing I need is a chore chart made by my daughter to show me all of the things she is NOT doing.  Jillian made a chore chart as well - we'll highlight that another day, and I made one for Stella - which she promptly ripped down within seconds of me taping it up.  Classic.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wordless Wednesday