Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Pull-Up Heads (Cheaper version of the Cone-Heads)

I guess I failed to plan enough fun things for the kids to do today, so Abigail & Jillian decided to provide the family with some new head gear!  I am so thrifty, cheap, frugal - whatever your word choice that my first thought was paranoia that the pull-ups would be ripped & unusable & those buggers are not cheap.  But as I saw all of the running around, absolutely enjoying their new 'hats' I began to laugh.  Also, looking at the pics, it is hysterical to see that Claire looks like she has a chef hat on & actually looks pretty cute.  Our dog looks petrified - poor thing - it's not the first (or last) thing they have placed on her.  I think I look pretty sexy - we may start a new fashion trend.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

An Immaculate House is Highly Overrated Part 2

I never meant for this to be a part 1 & 2.  In fact, I'm not sure how I posted just the title of this - & it may be a mistake to include what I originally wrote.  Some things are better simplified.  I'm not sure how I just posted the title - shocker right? lol.  But I figure that this blog is to chronicle the girls' lives & this is a BIG part.
I've realized that I become a slightly crazed & highly impatient mother when I try to keep the house clean (relatively) at all moments - or at least 1X per day.  Abigail seems to think that you must change your clothes at least 3 times a day & of course EVERYTHING goes into the hamper - including the clothes that fell down or were not chosen on second thought.  I know people have more laundry than I - I really don't want to complain . . . ok, I do - good grief! I already do about 2 loads a day - I do NOT want to wash completely clean, still folded, socks still together, no smells or stains clothes.  I remember wearing the same pair of jeans for a few days before washing them - all the spills landed on my shirt so the jeans were pretty clean.  Anyway . . .
Back to a relatively clean house.  We have the amazing fortune of having a playroom. That is where I want their toys to stay - in the play room.  Is this too much to ask?  Really?  Apparently.  Toys seem to find their way throughout the WHOLE house & Abi & Jillian seem to think most of their toys need a weekly bath anyway - so the bathroom is included.  I freaked out one day & yelled that I was no longer buying them anymore toys. Abi told me that was ok, b/c Grammy would buy her toys.  I told her I would give them away - I mean NO toys.  Oh yeah, it was ugly.
So in order to maintain my sanity I have told the girls that I will not require that their playroom be clean every night (usually before their bath I have them 'clean' up).  They can choose a day - one day - and clean their playroom on that day.  All other rooms which is mainly the big girls' room, hallway, bathroom & living room need to be picked up daily.  Having said that - Abi's response?  "Great! So our playroom can be messy & full of toys all the time?"  Oh boy - I'm in for a long haul, eh?
The playroom after an afternoon of 'play'

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Family Time

We packed up the kids & the car and after a 7 hour pretty uneventful trip (miracle) landed in Tennessee to visit my Dad & Linda at their lakehouse.  Dad & Linda were extremely gracious - Linda 'relocated' all of the breakables, they had life jackets ready, great food, good wine, and were up for lots of adventures with the girls.  Dad has a pontoon boat & a jet ski & the girls were game for it all.  I was a bit surprised at how fearless they were in the water.  That is after Jillian was assured that there were no sharks, crocodiles or whales in the lake (I think I let them watch too much Animal Planet).  We were either on the boat or in the water.  They had a blast!

Dad giving them their first boat ride there.

Abi jumping off the boat.  She also 'swam' to the dock one day - about 80 yards.  I was surprised & impressed & hoping that would help her go to bed earlier.  No such luck.  Darn TN doesn't get dark until at least 9:15.  Go Vacation!
Jillian & Arturo jumping off the rocks.  This was Jillian's second jump - the first was by herself.  Abi also jumped, but unfortunately had a bit of a belly flop & did not want to try again.  Who blames her, eh?

Dad bought these cool rafts with water pistols & the girls had a blast squirting everyone.  Even Stella enjoyed it.

The twins loved the water too, and Stella was pretty self-floating with the vest on - and it was a good thing b/c she rarely wants help.

Jillian as the Captain.  A face of controlled contentment.

Linda was a great help with the girls & made some delicious meals.  Yeah Linda.

The girls thoroughly enjoyed tubing and the jet ski.  Dad did a great job of giving them a thrill of a lifetime without necessitating any trips to the hospital.
The little marina had a school of Carp that loved dog food & old bread & the girls had a blast feeding them(the twins also loved the old bread & thought it should NOT be wasted on the carp).  We visited the carps twice & both times the girls had their hands in the water petting them, feeding them & enthralled with every moment.  As we were leaving the second day, Jillian said "Bye Bye.  You guys are my new best friends forever!"  It was cute.

I was very proud of how well the girls got along.  They were probably too exhausted to fight much, and they really played & shared well during this trip.  Yeehaw!
Overall we had a wonderful time & will enjoy going back (even better when the girls are older) to try it all again.  Thanks Dad & Linda for a wonderful time.