Monday, March 16, 2009

Water & Dirt = FUN

I know some mothers will watch this video & immediately break out into a sweat, feel anxious, or praise God this is NOT their backyard & these are NOT their children. I guess with 5 young daughters I have chosen to pick & choose when to say no to messy play. Didn't we all play with mud at one point as a child & LOVED it? If playing with mud becomes something the girls want to do on Friday nights when they are 18 - then we'll have issues. Sometimes I feel like I say NO so much that it is great to say YES, and watch you girls have a BLAST. Of course I carried each of you from the back porch directly into the bath - but it was worth it. I do have to admit that watching this lovely video has inspired me to buy lots of grass to avoid a muddy-messy summer. And ironically I just happened to steam clean the living room carpet this EXACT day. Lovely.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Grammy

Yesterday was Grammy's birthday. I decided to ask the girls what they liked best about Grammy.
Abi said:
- The way Grammy reads us stories
- Grammy's kisses & hugs
- Her face
- How she sings to us
Jillian said:
- Her food
- Her stories
- How she tucks us in at night
- How she plays with us

I am sure Stella, Chloe & Claire would have some similar compliments. Even when we lived in the Dominican Republic and did not see Grammy often, when we were with Grammy you girls were always drawn to her. Grammy was always one of the first people you met after you were born, and a special bond was formed with each of you girls & Grammy. It is fun to watch.
Now that I am a mommy I cannot begin to express to you girls how much I have learned from & would like to emulate Grammy. Now, Grammy isn't perfect - no mother is (in fact Grammy has chuckled many times when I tell her of your antics and I think she has given you some candy/treats when I have said NO) - but Grammy has chosen to leave us a rich heritage. A legacy of love, service, and sacrifice - all because she is in love with Jesus. I know Grammy prays daily for you girls, and I am pretty sure her top prayer for you is that you will love the Lord your God with all of your mind, heart, body & soul. I am grateful for Grammy's prayers, and I know you will be too one day. I am blessed with a Godly mother, and you girls are blessed with a Godly grandmother. A woman who has chosen to follow God, serve Jesus, and be filled with the Holy Spirit. Grammy would joke and say that she has nothing to leave us materially after she is gone, but the legacy she is giving us is more valuable than anything on this earth. You are blessed girls to have the love, example, prayers, support, wisdom, and so much more of Godly Grandmother. Happy Birthday Grammy!