Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Conversations with Abigail

Conversation #1:
Abi - "Can I get a cell phone for my birthday?"
Mom - "No."
Abi - "Why?"
Mom - "Because you are 8, and besides school and the back yard you are always with me. Also, you don't even know our phone number."
Abi - "If I memorize it can I get a cell phone?"
Mom - "No."
Abi - "When can I get a cell phone?"
Mom - "When you can drive."
Abi - "Can I ask Papi if I can get a cell phone?"
Mom - "Sure."
Abi - "Papi, can I get a cell phone for my birthday?"
Papi - "No."

Conversation #2
Abi - "Some of the kids at my school have a boyfriend. Why? What happens when you have a boyfriend?"
Papi - "You already have a boyfriend."
Abi - "I do? Who?"
Papi - "Me. I am your boyfriend - meaning the main boy in your life - until you graduate from high school."
Abi - "Thanks Papi, you're great!"

Conversation #3
(I opened up the trunk of our van, and one of the recycle bins fell out. Abi & GiGi were in the last seat peering out at me.)
Mom - "Why didn't you guys hold the garbage can so that it wouldn't fall out?"
Abi - "How was I supposed to know? You didn't tell me?"
Mom - "You are supposed to read my mind. Don't you know that?"
Abi - "I can't read minds. Only Papi can. He does it with us all of the time."
Mom - "Really? I wish he'd do it more often with me."
Abi - "Well, then maybe it is just with us kids, but when we lived with Grammy in Florida he read our minds all of the time. I think he has a gift."
Mom - "I think he does too . . . "
Abi - "Do I have gifts?"
Mom - "Yes, all of you girls do. God gave you all gifts, and the fun part as you grow up is asking Him to help us figure out what your gifts are so that we can serve God with them."
Abi - "What do you think mine are?"
Mom - "What do you think they are?"
Abi - "Hmm, well I like to paint, draw, cook, and help with the babies. Oh, and I also like animals. Except for spiders, though I did like our pet weaver spider. I'd like to live with animals. So what do you think I'll be when I grow up?"
Mom - "Well, you like to paint, draw, and cook which are all things that create - you are very creative. You have your own special style. You also like to help with your sisters, and animals. So, maybe do something that cares for others - a helping profession."
Abi - "Well, God will tell me as I get older right?"
Mom - "Yeah. You can start talking to Him about it, and He will help you figure it out."
Abi - "OK."

Conversation #4
Abi - "Mom, can I have the spray because I want to clean the bathroom."
Mom - "Abi, you just cleaned the bathroom yesterday. You do not need to clean the bathroom like that everyday."
Abi - "Awww, but I really want to clean it. Please??!!??"
Mom - "Tell you what. I'll let you clean my bathroom instead."
Abi - "Really? You're the best mom. Thanks!"
Mom (said with a smile) - "I try."

Conversation #5
Abi - "When Papi is gone can I stay up late, and we can exercise?"
Mom - "We'll see Abi. I need to make sure everyone else is sleeping."
Abi - "Well, if you need someone to stay up late with you, I can. I'm that kind of kid who can stay up with adults and help, ya know? I don't much sleep"
Mom - "Thanks Abi, I'll keep that in mind."

Conversation #6
Abi - "Mom, can I help put Chloe & Claire to sleep?"
Mom - "Sure Abi, but they need to go to sleep so no playing, ok?"
Abi - "Sure, I'll read them a book."
- After she comes out of their room -
Abi - "Well, we played 'I spy', I read them two books, I put their covers on and kissed them, and I prayed with them to accept Jesus into their hearts because we all need to do that, right?"
Mom - "I love you!"
Abi - "I know. I love you too."

Abi, you are 8 years old! I cannot believe how lovely you have grown. I enjoy our conversations, and look forward to many more conversations. You are a talented and compassionate young lady, and I am proud to call you daughter.