Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Big Helper . . . Helping

What happens when your 8 year old daughter wants to help with dishes while you are at the store?

Yeah, I was at the store buying dishwasher soap. We were able to have an enlightening discussion on the difference of dishwasher and regular dish soap.
The upside is the kitchen floor was super clean for about 10 minutes.

Sweet Abigail, I feel like you are in this fun/difficult/energetic - maddening new phase! You are growing up so fast, and truly want to help me. You help cook, clean up, help with the girls, and also leave me in awe of your spastic energy. Is this just an 8 year old phase?? You are inspiring me to cut all sugar out of our lives - I just don't think it is needed - seriously.
I have to admit that paired with the craziness is also the sweet side that asks if we can sit and talk. The side that still wants to snuggle in close, and your desire to be an active helper in our family. I'll have it all - because it's you, sweet Abigail - thanks for helping me with the dishes.