Thursday, January 31, 2008

Entering the Blogging World - a bit scary.

Why is a mother of 5 daughters 5 yrs and under creating a blog site?  No this is not a scientific experiment.
I am entering the blogging world due to much encouragement from other busy moms.  I'm mentioning that these moms are busy, because I do not think I would have ventured into this new world if the suggestion came from a someone who has lots of free time.  That is just NOT my life right now. (I know mothers with more than 5 may be chuckling.  Thinking, 'I remember when I only had 5, and it was soo easy.')

I've actually thought about what I want to accomplish in this blogging world.
1.  Create an on-line journal that I can eventually make into a book for my daughters.  I have been trying to write a personal journal for each of them, but when we went from 3 to 5 girls within 10 months of each other - I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed.
2.  My main prayer/desire for my daughters is that they will grow up to love God with all of their mind, heart, body & soul; and I thought I could chronicle my attempts  to help them in this pursuit.
3.  Through this blog I can share how the seeming 'interruptions' are really God's way of being in our lives.
4.  I also thought this will be a perfect example of how a woman can lose her mind raising 5 children.
Thanks for coming along in this journey.  Enjoy & Blessings to You!