Monday, April 28, 2008

Jillian, Jillian, Jillian

Jillian, or as we call her, GiGi.  She is 41/2, and very full of life & emotion.I did say emotion right?  I could go into some exact details, but let's just say that she may b/c a famous actress - or at least I'll b/c the most patient woman in the world!  Jillian has been calling herself the 'babysitter' lately, and honestly has been an amazing help with the twins.  As for Stella, . . . it's hit or miss.  Jillian LOVES to help with Chloe & Claire - in any aspect - and at times her 'help' is a bit unsolicited - but I cannot complain really b/c she adores her little sisters & has helped saved my sanity a few times.  Ironically she has also been the loss of my patience & sanity most times, but I guess it all evens out.


Erin said...

The photos are so sweet! The little sister circle! Wink
Awwww.. no matter how many times people tell me I should be glad I have all boys- I still want a girl!

Erin said...

(Oh look its me again! HAHA)
I tagged you! Pop on over to my blog and see what you get to do! Yay for FUN!