Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tooth Fairy

Abi you have lost 7 teeth already.  Once you feel a tooth somewhat loose, you begin to 'work' on it.  You ask me to check how loose it is, and to give an estimate of when I can pull it out.  Now, you are the type of girl who screams bloody murder if I need to pull out the smallest splinter from your foot.  But, pulling teeth seems to tap into your courage & you will endure quite a bit of pushing, prodding & pulling to get that stubborn tooth to come out.  I am amazed every time.
Poor Jillian is becoming quite distraught that none of her teeth seem to be loose.  After all she is 5 years old, and these things should be happening . . . right?
Anyway, you were very good about finding an envelope & getting your tooth ready for the Tooth Fairy.  Something has happened with the past 3 or 4 teeth, and you are not as focused on the Tooth Fairy.  So, with this last tooth you asked me if we could put ALL of your past teeth into an envelope (thank goodness I had kept the past 3 teeth) for the Tooth Fairy.  After you placed your teeth in the envelope you looked at me and asked, "Mom is the Tooth Fairy real?"  To which I replied (and I thought quite wisely), 'What do you think, Abi?'  "Well, I think you are the Tooth Fairy."
What could I do but laugh.  You laughed with me, and I asked you if you still wanted to put your envelope with teeth under your pillow.  You said, 'Of course!'  
Sad to say, but the Tooth Fairy was a bit tired last night & completely forgot about all of those teeth.  So today you asked me, 'What happened to the Tooth Fairy last night?  She forgot to get my teeth!'  I replied, 'I guess the Tooth Fairy was tired.  She'll probably come tonight.'  What did you say?
"Mom, you are the tooth fairy - don't forget!'
So, before the tooth fairy forgets again - I have some teeth to get!