Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Visiting the Steele's & the bathroom

I did something a little crazy this past weekend, and packed up the kids to visit our good friends in NC.  The trip was about 5 hours drive time, and 1 half hour stop to change diapers.  We know the Steele's from about 10 years together with Young Life in the Dominican Republic & it is funny that we are both stateside & can still hang out!  God is good.

We got to talk, drink coffee, talk, visit their church, talk, & Scott took us to the original Krispy Kreme - it was wonderful.  Stella really enjoyed it!  Abi & GiGi had a blast finding their cats & Stella only got scratched once from petting a bit too hard.  Their daughter Ellie was amazing with the twins & has the makings of a great babysitter.
Our only rough spot of the trip was on the way home.  I got out to pump some gas, and realized that I needed to use the bathroom - I mean I REALLY needed to use the bathroom.  What should I do? Take all 5 girls in with me?  Keep the twins in their car seats & hope Stella held Abi's hand into the bathroom?  Stella is not always cooperative.  So I decided to have Abi hold one of the twins so that I could hold onto Stella, and the other twin - who I would keep in her car seat.  As I got Abi & GiGi out, Chloe in her car seat out, I handed Claire to Abi, and as I went to get Stella out - Abi screamed.  Claire had an exploding diaper, and Abi had poop all over her hand.  She freaked out & rubbed her hand on my jeans as I tried to balance Stella & Chloe. This was NOT looking good & I still really had to . . .
In a jeep next to us sat a woman & in the backseat a child.  She was watching this 'show', and when the poop surfaced she asked if she could help.  Now I know we've all heard the horror stories that involve kids, but what should I do?  I had poop on my pants, poop almost in my pants, 5 cranky kids - 3 of whom were poopy themselves - it all stank!  So I left Abi & the twins with this woman & her child, and took Stella & GiGi to the bathroom with me.  I went to the bathroom in record time, and when I got back everyone was there - and happy.  I almost cried.  Her husband had been inside buying ice, but they stayed & helped until everyone was changed & back in their car seats.  I thanked them, and got in the car and praised God for sending them my way.  Here was a complete stranger with her own 3 year old in the car & a fresh bag of melting ice - and yet they were willing to help a complete stranger, me, with too many kids to be able to go to the bathroom properly.  I learned a lesson - again - I should never be to busy to help a mother in need.  Or anyone for that matter.  Melted ice will freeze again - a mother's sanity may never come back.  Praise God for miracles of provision.
We would love to see you guys - just come visit us for a while.

Monday, April 21, 2008


I thought it would be a great idea to expose Abi & GiGi to sports.  They seem so have lots of energy (especially around bedtime), and like to throw things - so why not sign them up for T-ball.  Ahhhh, what a great dream.

Since our grand entrance into team sports, I have had glimpses of myself as one of 'those' parents.  You know the kind - screaming like a madwoman on the sidelines for her child to stop biting her glove & run after the ball.  Telling the 'coach' for the 8 millionth time that Abi is not a lefty.  Giving GiGi a hug, kiss, scratching her back, fixing her hat, tying her shirt (b/c it's too long), and basically bribing her with a special snack to stay on the field until the other team is done batting.
Driving home, and I'm in a cranky mood from all the emotional energy it takes to 'support' my kids in t-ball; and I'm wondering why I paid $60 for this!  So here are some adorable pics (thanks to Arturo) to show as evidence that my girls will have a positive and wonderfully fun t-ball experience - damn it.