Saturday, August 16, 2008

To Be A Mother

I am learning to submit to motherhood.  Yes, I used the S word.  Submit.  I want you to know girls, when you are older & possibly mothers yourselves, that I made a conscience decision & effort to be a mother.  The word MOTHER involves a lot of definitions - biological, adoptive, spiritual - to name a few.  I have the privilege and joy of being your biological mother who has made a commitment to make you, my family, my priority.  I am choosing to invest in you, be consistent with you, train you in a Godly way, and basically submit to what it means to be a full complete mother.  I will fail you, I will have to apologize for mistakes, I will get annoyed, side-tracked, I will need a few time outs, I am NOT perfect & I will NOT try to be Super-Mom.  But I do commit to pray for you, and try to seek God's wisdom & discernment so that I can raise you in love & to the best of my ability.  It's gonna be hard - and take a long time - and I'll want to quit.  But I won't - you are worth it, daughters of the MOST HIGH.  You are worth it.  I write this now when you are 6,4,2,1,1 - and you may read this when you are 18 or more - and I hope you will feel encouraged, inspired, not alone.

I felt inspired to write this today, because we had a GREAT day.  And yesterday was a BAD day.  I am sure there will more of each.  One of the things we did today was paper mache.  We made a royal mess - and had a blast.  I sat down & did the project with you.  I didn't clean the house or just help or watch, but I participated.  It was wonderful.  I will try to participate more & smile as I clean up the mess - it was worth it - so worth it!
Love, mommy.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ruth Evelyn Has Arrived

Born Monday August 11
7lbs 11ozs
I am proud & pleased to announce the birth of Ruth Evelyn.  My brother and sister-in-law, who already have 2 boys, did not want Arturo and I to have all of the girls.  Plus now I will have someone to give all of these girl clothes to.  Sarah is an amazing mother, and and will enjoy having 3 little ones.  I am super excited to meet this new little one.  Blessings on Ruthie.  May you grow in your love of God as you grow in life.

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Our House Was TP'd

It was an EXCITING morning at our home, when we awoke and realized that our front yard was covered in toilet paper.  The girls were thrilled, and had an amazing time playing & helping us pick up the tp.  Actually everyone but Chloe was thrilled.  Chloe was NOT happy that she could not run efficiently in the yard.  My first thought, being the frugal woman that I am, was what a waste of toilet paper.  Having lived in the Dominican Republic where good toilet paper is a precious commodity, I saw this 'tradition' in a new light.  Arturo thought it was HYSTERICAL & enjoyed it all.  I guess this is one of the . . . joys - results - privileges of him being a youth pastor.  I was so grateful that they unwittingly chose to TP our house on Arturo's day off, and having our whole family in the yard to clean it up was pretty fun.  Go Figure - I guess keeping a sense of humor in life is key to fully enjoying all the fun quirks that happen.