Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Best Girl Friend - Happy Birthday Kelly

Tia Kelly is my best girl friend, and I have known her literally ALL of my life.  She is 14 months older than me, and we have always been close.  Grammy said we would 'talk' to each other while in our cribs.  I could never picture that until Chloe & Claire did the exact same thing night after night.  We always had something to talk about, and we still do.  We always shared a room, and I can honestly count the number of fights we had on one hand.   I have wanted to write to you about Tia Kelly for a while, but since it is her birthday - a perfect time.  Here are some highlights about your Tia.
-  Kelly is trustworthy.  I have always been able to confide in Kelly.  She has never been a gossip, and has always been available to me in whatever time I am going through.  This does not mean that she hasn't held me accountable, counseled, or warned me - all of which I need & cherish - but her love for God & for me is so solid that I can always count her words to be sincere.
-  Kelly has an intimate relationship with God.  Kelly has always had a passionate & sensitive spirit to the Holy Spirit.  Her life is not characterized by complacency, but she always strives to go deeper with God & to develop more of a listening ear to His voice.
- Kelly can take constructive criticism without taking it personally or holding a grudge.  I'm not saying that she enjoys hearing critique, but that she has an amazingly teachable and humble spirit.  She is a risk taker, leader, and an innovator; and yet she accepts criticism knowing that she can grow in depth and knowledge by it.
-  Kelly is a ROCK STAR of an aunt.  She has been there within the first week if not day of each of your births - no matter when or what country.  She has a love for each of you girls (all of her nieces & nephews) that has developed a special and lasting bond.  Plus, she is your ultimate source of fashionable clothes (mommy is hopeless in this area).
-  Kelly is honest, transparent, straight forward, & real. 
-  Almost all of the pics I have with Tia are with you or your cousins. 
- My mind is flooded with tons of memories - from childhood to present.  
Girls, as I think about the relationship I would like for you to have with each other - it is what I have with Kelly.  A sister who loves me, is dependable, active in my life, a Godly woman, and someone who I have a LOT of fun with.  There are so many things I have to work on so that I can model out do as I do.  Well, my relationship with my sister is one thing that I can 100% say, 'do as I do'.  I love Kelly, and feel so blessed that you girls have her for your aunt!
Blessings Tia, we love you!