Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wordful Wednesday - a little girl's best friend

We got Guira (named after a Dominican musical instrument) while we were in the Dominican Republic. Jillian was not even a year old. I honestly have regretted getting her at times, only because it has been another living thing that I have to care for. Though every time I feel annoyed because she wants to go outside for the 20th time in an hour . . . I have to admit that she is an INCREDIBLE dog. Between all of you girls, Guira has been attacked & 'played' with in every possible way - some of which are slightly embarrassing to describe in detail. Even with all of this 'loving', Guira has NEVER once bit, barked, growled, snipped, or been mean to either you girls or any other children who have been in her presence. Stella seems to have an extra bond with Guira, and I often find her laying with (or on) Guira talking to her. Sweet!