Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Wordful Wednesday

We went to Grammy's house for Thanksgiving (more on that later - when I find time). Papi had just got a new camera, and was excited to use it. So you brave girls, Abi & Jillian - & mommy, got up to go to the beach for a sunrise shot (actually anyone who knows mommy well will be a bit surprised that she agreed - or was talked into- getting up before sunrise to make it there & with NO coffee). It was chilly, but you girls enjoyed the beach none-the-less. In fact, Papi got up the next morning (no mommy), and Abi you and Guira went with him again. Fun stuff.

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Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Songs

Abi, you were chosen for 2 solos this Christmas. One for the church's Christmas program & one for your school. I am so very proud of you. You worked hard to memorize your part, and you had so much fun! I think I was more nervous than you were, shocker. Our church has an amazing music program, and anyone who wants a speaking part or solo has to audition. OK, you're right - everyone who auditions gets something . . . but you truly GOT a solo. Not just any solo, but I think you got the solo to the best & sweetest song. Hey, I'm your mom, I'm allowed to brag! You did such an amazing job & most of all you were NOT nervous or afraid! In fact, I had people coming up to tell me what a wonderful job you did. They heard you sing in practice, you sang for them in their car as they took you home, you sang for your teacher & WHOLE class at school, you sang for Grammy on the phone - jeesh girl - I could not believe your confidence. You were not arrogant, but confident. You knew you did a good job! I brought my camera, and between juggling Jillian on my lap & being mesmerized by the show - I forgot to take any pics/video. But I know people who did, and will soon add some pics. You were precious. We got home, and you called Grammy to tell her about the program, and I heard you say, "people said I stole the show. And I had a good time!' Perfect! Papi writes a weekly email to the parents of his youth group, and this is part of that email:

This past Sunday night after Youth, the children’s ministry from our church had a Christmas Program to which a bunch of our youth attended. It was my responsibility to video tape the program, so Mrs. Betsy assigned me a spot way in the back of the Fellowship Hall on some raisers in order to avoid people walking in front of the camera and for me to get a better angle. In that Christmas presentation my oldest daughter, Abigail, had a little solo during one of the last songs.

A couple of weeks prior to this event, some expectation was building up in our family since we’ve been hearing rumors that Abigail’s performance in the rehearsals have been really cute. Not that we as parents were looking for a perfect song from our daughter, but we just didn’t want her to panic or mess up.

As the moment of her song came up, I started feeling nervous as if I was the one standing at the microphone in front of the audience. Memories of the times we’ve heard Abigail practicing in our house came to my mind as she started to move her head to the beginning of the song.

By the end of her performance everything went great. She didn’t forget the words (that I noticed). She didn’t panic. She just sang with a sweet childish voice the tune we’ve been rehearsing for weeks.

When we came back home, after many compliments on Abigail’s solo, Abi and I sat at the table and talked. Right before she left the table I asked her how come she looked so calm and natural while performing a new song in front of a real crowd. She replied – I saw you behind the camera in the back.

“For the ways of a man are before the eyes of the LORD, and He watches all his paths.”

Proverbs 5:21 NASB

You also had a solo for school, and had to practice a LOT this week. You kept forgetting the blessed before Christmas, and I almost wrote it on your hand! But, not only did you remember to sing 'blessed Christmas', but you sang beautifully. It is hard to see in the video, but your sweet smile after you sing is priceless. The smile that says, 'I did it, I really did it & had fun!' I am so proud of you!