Monday, April 21, 2008


I thought it would be a great idea to expose Abi & GiGi to sports.  They seem so have lots of energy (especially around bedtime), and like to throw things - so why not sign them up for T-ball.  Ahhhh, what a great dream.

Since our grand entrance into team sports, I have had glimpses of myself as one of 'those' parents.  You know the kind - screaming like a madwoman on the sidelines for her child to stop biting her glove & run after the ball.  Telling the 'coach' for the 8 millionth time that Abi is not a lefty.  Giving GiGi a hug, kiss, scratching her back, fixing her hat, tying her shirt (b/c it's too long), and basically bribing her with a special snack to stay on the field until the other team is done batting.
Driving home, and I'm in a cranky mood from all the emotional energy it takes to 'support' my kids in t-ball; and I'm wondering why I paid $60 for this!  So here are some adorable pics (thanks to Arturo) to show as evidence that my girls will have a positive and wonderfully fun t-ball experience - damn it.


Erin said...

HAHA! OOOO I feel your pain! I am the same way with my middle son! This is his second year playing and while he is a rockstar in our backyard as soon as he hits the field he goes retarded or something! (Ok so I know thats not a very good PC term! but you know what I mean!) He forgets how to bat and then runs as slow as possible around the bases.. Its so emotionally draining!