Thursday, January 15, 2009

Your Mother is a Saint

Alright girls, as you have probably have noticed I’m not a frequent writer on this blog (I’m usually the one holding the camera :), but since mommy is speaking at a women's conference in MI and I got to spend this weekend with you I figured I better jot something down.

I know your mom have written endless words describing your growth, laughs, questions and experiences so my focus isn’t going to be on you this time. I want to dedicate these next paragraphs to your mom.

The first thing that you need to know about your mom is that she is my English proofreader. So I apologize in advance for my abuse of this wonderful language of yours. However, beyond any numerical order it needs to be stated that your mom is a saint.

I know that the word saint invokes different feelings, but your mom is a woman who truly loves God, me and you. Your mom is a woman who dreams with the day in which you all will fall in love with your Creator. She talks to me about it. She plans/pushes/suggests traditions in our family in order to have you connected with God.

She watches what, when, how she say things, she tries to give you healthy meals, provide you clean clothes, have a nice house environment, spend dedicated playful time with each of you, assist you with homework, promote Spanish around the house, seek out opportunities for us to have fun “as a family”, get all five of you to church every Sunday, take you to church choir, school presentations, birthday parties, invite your friends over, allow you to try different local sports, play Nintendo wii with you, bath you, cloth you, read you stories and pray with/for you when you are in bed.

You see, right now she is sharing with probably over a hundred young women in Holland, MI. The reality is that every day she does just that with each and every one of you. She gives herself to you and to me on a regular, quiet and powerful way. Yes, I believe your mother is a saint.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Numbers of Love


10 years of friendship
8 years of marriage
5 beautiful daughters
5 houses/apartments lived in
2 countries lived in
1 pet

'. . . and they shall become one flesh.' Genesis 2:24

I remember when I was quite a bit younger thinking that this verse was mainly geared towards sex.  Now don't blush girls, if you are reading this I am sure we have already had many talks on this subject.  And I'm sure you note the obvious - need I say more.
Anyway, I came to realize quickly that becoming one flesh is NOT all about sex.  Having only been married for 8 years, I am surprised at how connected Papi and I are.  Oh, we don't complete each other's sentences.  And God knows Papi still cannot read my mind; but there is an interdependence - a mutual submission & serving each other that we are constantly working on/at, and we have learned that love is so much more powerful than mere feelings.  I have come to depend on Papi - as my best friend, advisor, encourager, lover & spiritual sharpener.
I know he is not to replace God (Papi is great - but he's a long way from tempting me there) but point me to Him & and at times carry me there in prayer.  Papi adores me, and though he still has at least 4 spots where he drops his dirty/clean clothes on the floor - I know he tries to please, serve & love me as best he can with all he is.   I am NOT trying to sound romantic.  You girls know that I am not the sentimental type - or at least as I am typing this - but so often in life actions precede & sustain feelings.   I guess I should speak mainly for myself & try to coerce/encourage Papi to write a bit from his own view.  

I respect & admire & am inspired by those who are much farther along in the marriage journey & remain faithful to that union.  Papi and I have made a commitment to God and each other in front of family and friends to be with each other til death do us part.  More importantly we desire to glorify God through this marriage.  The goal of marriage is not to be happy (thought I think that becomes a BIG bonus), but to set an earthly example/reminder of Christ's relationship with His bride - the church.  A pretty tall order, that Papi and I KNOW we cannot attain without the daily help of the Holy Spirit.  I have only known Papi a little over 10 years & yet cannot imagine my life without him.  God has truly blessed me with him & I know he feels the exact same way.  May God bless our marriage to His glory.