Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Abigail

You are 7 years old! Happy Birthday! Abigail, what I love most about you is your sweet, sensitive heart. You have set an amazing example to your younger sisters about sharing, helping, and you LOVE being a part of a bigger family. You are a true blessing. Abigail, you love to read. In fact your teacher says that she catches you hiding your books & reading during your math lesson. Yes, you are my daughter!! You read to your sisters, and you will sit and read your children's Bible every night. I am in awe of your tender spirit towards God. You have asked Jesus to be the leader of your life, and have the Holy Spirit inside of your heart. Abigail, you truly shine, and I am SO proud to be your mom.
You are extremely snugly, and you frequently find me out - just to be near/with me. I LOVE it, and it is my prayer that our relationship is always close like this. I am so humbled that God has entrusted you to Papi and me. We pray often that God will help us guide you as you begin discern the plan God has for you, and grow into the amazing woman He has created you to be! Happy Birthday!!

You always loved fruit!

From the beginning, you and Jillian were best friends!

You are an AMAZING big sister.

This birthday we got to celebrate with Papi's family! Tio Charlie made your cake (yummy).

Our Dublin family came over on Sunday to celebrate again! The Brandon's are a true blessing to us! And they LOVE you!

Alexis can be found with one or both of the twins - almost always!