Saturday, May 16, 2009

Stella turns Three

Stella you are 3. You've practiced very hard to coordinate your three fingers to let people know your age. It would be nice if you could say you were three, but you really are not talking too much. OK, I take that back - you talk ALL of the time, but I believe you are speaking a language I do not know. Seems like Chloe & Claire understand you perfectly, but mommy . . . well I'm having a hard time.
Stella, you are . . . rough. I'm not sure how else to say it. You love to jump on ANYTHING - your sisters, parents, Guira, furniture, beds, trampoline, dressers, - ok, I could continue. You love to play rough, and assume do does everyone else. That sometimes gets you into a bit of trouble. You go to the Children's Center 2X a week, and one day I asked your teacher, Ms. Shirley how you were. She responded, 'Well, Stella needed quite a bit of redirection today.' Welcome to life with Stella. You also LOVE to sing. You are almost always singing a song while in the car. It's fun! You are fun! Happy Birthday sweet one!