Friday, September 19, 2008

Jillian's Book Parade

Jillian had a book parade today at Hillcrest Preschool.  There was a police car, fire truck, and part of the local high school band playing.  A 'true' parade.  Each class represented a book.  Jillian's class chose . . . ? hmmm, I have absolutely NO idea what their book was - oops.  Her main teacher has been out on maternity leave, and I never received a note about the book or if she was supposed to wear anything special.  How's that for an excuse?  Anyway, I was a wonderful day for a parade.  Jillian was THRILLED to see us, and I was proud of her.  She is incredible!  Stella, Chloe & Claire were on their best behavior for the parade!  I was very happy!  Lots of snacks always seem to help too.  Stella has been into the puppets, and brought a doggie along to see the parade.  Very cute stuff.

I would like to add some more Jillianisms to this post:
- that's gonna take FOREVER
-the movie is itchy (this is for DVD's that are scratched.  I guess she confuses the 'scratched' DVD for being itchy)
- (This is Jillian leaving a message for Grammy on the phone)
Yes, this is a message for Grammy.  Can you tell Grammy that I called?  And tell her to call me back.  Also, tell Grammy that if she wants to come over my house she can.  Thanks.  Give that message to Grammy today, ok?And tell Grammy that I love her very very very very very very very much. Bye.
- Mommy when you are not in the room am I the babysitter?
- (These one is normally said while crying) 
Stella won't listen to me!  
Stella keeps taking my animals.
Stella keeps dropping her cup so I have to pick it up.
Abi is being mean to me.
- Is it my birthday?  My birthday is gonna take forever - like 100 days!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Our family LOVES music.  There is almost always some sort of music playing.  Whether it is one of your toys playing nursery rhymes or a counting song, or mommy & Papi's music = there is music.  You girls instinctively sway your body, clap your hands, move your feet - you dance.  You dance unabashedly, and when it is just you & mommy - I also dance.I think that is one of the privileges of being a mommy.  I can dance & no matter what I do or look like, you think I'm cool.  If you only knew . . .  We dance together, we imitate each other, we create moves - it is fun.  Papi dances as well, and he usually plays his music so loud that our bodies can't help but feel the rhythm.  I feel that music is a true gift from God.

When we moved here, and after we got settled in; I joined the choir.  I like to sing, and I have sang quite a bit in various settings.  But I have never really been in a formal choir. I was a bit intimidated honestly.  Ok, I wanted to quit - because I thought for sure that someone was going to notice that I needed to listen to & echo what the person behind me did.  I hope no one asked what that extra squiggle was on those lines in the music.  
Something has happened since I have joined the choir, I almost always have a worship song playing in my head.  It is truly glorious.  You see, we practice the song we will sing for Sunday, and then practice for the next few weeks as well.  So the songs seep into my bones & penetrate my soul & surface when I am cleaning, changing poopy pampers, and cooking.  How amazing is that?  God is so good, and it has been wonderful to praise Him in song throughout the day.  May songs be a true vehicle to lift you up to your Creator - it is an amazing ride.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wordful Wednesday

Stella (not pictured), Chloe & Claire wanted to carry around baby dolls wrapped in blankets.  I think I rewrapped baby dolls 100 times - it was pretty cute.
Angie started Wordful Wednesday - it's fun!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Social Saturday - Visits & a Concert

Yesterday we packed everyone in the car and headed to Athens.  The one in Georgia - wouldn't a little trip to Greece be nice though? (maybe not with 5 little ones, but . . .)  A friend from college who I last saw at my wedding had just moved there, and we were able to visit.  It is so funny getting together with friends who you bummed around with in college & now your kids are running around putting on plays together in dress up costumes.  It felt slightly Twilight Zone-ish - but so fun.  Hopefully this will be the first of many visits and kid plays.
Me, Stella and the X-Factor watching a 'play'. Actually, I believe she was the initiator of these plays & was director/actor in the beginning - but settled into encourager in the end.  I believe X-Factor has the gift of encouragement for the moment we arrived she told us she thought we were great & was an amazing hostess to everyone - she truly has an endearing personality & beautiful eyes to boot!
Their son, Z man thought it was so fun when Arturo took his picture.
With all of their 'new' toys, Stella became fascinated with one of those magnetic doodle boards (of which we have 3 at home).  Go figure.  My college friend, Dr. N helping Stella 'erase' it!

I also received a phone call from my friend Amber who I am in an accountability small group with, and she invited me to go to an Indigo Girls concert.  Basically, I had an offer of a free ticket, free ride, free food -FUN with friends.  It was all quite last minute - but SOOOOOO worth it.  If I would have had more time (since I literally got back from Athens & hopped in a car to go), I would have scrounged up an 80's/90's outfit, put on a LOT more makeup, possibly earrings for the occasion.  Maybe next time, gives me a chance to find my parachute pants. LOL
Anyway, the Indigo Girls were playing in Chastain Park - I had never been there, and it was beautiful.  We had a blast.  A HUGE thank you to Arturo who was a real trooper & took care of lots of cranky girls - so as not to deal with the crankiest of them all - knowing he had a full day's work the next day.
The Indigo Girls are extremely talented & who doesn't want to sing Closer To Fine with a few thousand other girlfriends, but I really wanted to go because . . .
I didn't have to plan the event, make food, drive, dress anyone other than myself, prepare anything, organize, you get the point.  I just went - sang - ate - enjoyed - talked - ate - sang - talked - ate - ENJOYED it all.  Yippee.
I'm on the end, and these are the other beautiful ladies who helped make the night happen.
The Indigo Girls!  Sweet seats, eh?  Ok, so my zoom was on, but still.
I'm trying tell you something bout my life . . .
I did learn something from this concert.  I enjoyed singing, but as I looked around to others raising their hands, eyes closed, singing with adoration - I knew I'd changed.  I sang with the best of them - and it was fun - but only fun.  I can only sing in adoration to Jesus - He alone deserves my adoration and praise. I realized that I did not want to raise my hands - that motion has become a sacred form of praising God.  The simple gestures of a concert have taken on a new meaning - I wasn't bummed, I was psyched!  So excited that God is first in my life, and for no brief amount of time do I want to surrender His place to anything or anyone.  Ever!  To God be the Glory!

Thank You Girls

I was moving the refrigerator to clean under there - ok, I wasn't going to clean under it - I dropped something.  Anyway, I moved the fridge & saw this:
Yes, a BIG spider.  But then I realized it wasn't moving & looked a little weird.  It was a plastic spider.  Girls, you LOVE animals, insects, reptiles - basically anything that breathes.  This is another reason we have GOT to keep all toys in the playroom.