Monday, September 1, 2008

Random Musings on Monday with a Touch of Disgusting

Today is Labor Day.  A long weekend.  We were supposed to be at my brother's visiting.  In fact we left Friday, picked up Grammy at the airport & met Sarah & the kids for dinner at a kid friendly restaurant.  We had a wonderful time, and I was looking forward to a LONG visit with them.  Here is a brief breakdown of what happened.

- Jillian pukes (not sure if it's too much junk food & a late night).
- Jillian pukes.
- Stella has diarrhea.
- I decide we need to go back home b/c Frankie & Sarah have a newborn in the house & they do NOT need sickness as well.
Jillian pukes again.
- Claire has diarrhea.
- We pack into the car & head home (about 2 1/2 - 3 hours)
- Jillian pukes.
- An unexpected pet is found in the car.  A walking stick bug made it's way into our car & is hanging from the ceiling over the twins.  The girls think it's wonderful, but don't want it falling on them. I need to find a place off of I-75 in Atlanta that has grass & trees for this guy.
- Claire pukes.
- Claire pukes.
- Chloe pukes.
- We finally make it home. 
- I don't feel well.
- More random puking & diarrhea.
- Arturo takes over & I go to bed at 8:30 (haven't done this since I was 12).
- Puking stops.
- Liquid diarrhea begins.
Ok - you get the gist of our weekend.

Jillian told me that when she felt better she would be the babysitter so that I could sleep.  Sweet thing.  She is so great with her younger sisters - especially if they do what she wants.

Abi asked me why God allowed mommys to get sick, since they were supposed to take care of everyone.  I told her sometimes I wondered the same thing, but I guess this helps me remember how you need help when you are sick.

Arturo and I had a TV only for videos when we lived in the Dominican Republic.  When we moved to the U.S. there was lots of TV, and especially with the twins it was nice to plop in front of something while we were holding them.  Lately though I have realized that I have been going to bed late, b/c I am watching junk on TV.  I do not watch TV during the day, but at night when all of the little ones are in bed, yowsers.  Plus, Abi wants us to buy a lot more things b/c of what she sees. So, we are cutting cable. I am both excited & sad.  We enjoyed this once before, so I know this is the way to go!

I have never been a political person.  I remember how strange it was that a friend of mine from college always watched C-SPAN.  Since we moved, and it being the time of presidential elections, Arturo has gotten interested in politics.  Since he has, I have as well.  It's exciting and interesting.  Ironically, that friend from college received his doctorate in Political Science & has a great blog called, Learning About Politics.  Now I have become a C-SPAN, CNN watcher as well, and am enjoying it.  Crazy.

Angie over at Seven Clown Circus is hosting a give away from Twisted Silver. Although I am not a big jewelry person, I fell in love with their Flower Dome Ring because it reminds me of stained glass found in the Cathedrals of Europe.  I normally do not win these things, but thought it would be fun to try.
I decided I needed to change my template - wow - am I technically challenged.  I had the hardest time choosing, and then when I finally got the new template had erased everything else.  Hence, the 'new' look.  which was NOT planned, but happened out of stupidity.  Enjoy.

Well, here were my random musings for Monday.  Hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day.  Blessings.


angie said...

The ring you picked IS gorgeous! Good luck, and thanks for spreading the word.....

I wish mommies got sick days.....hope everyone is feeling better sooN!

Connie said...

I hope everyone is feeling better!! The ring IS pretty. I watch a lot of junk on TV at night as well...Husband won't hear of cutting it though....Travis always has a list of things he want from watching TV, I hope with starting Kindergarten, he just won't have time!!

Debra said...

Oh I am so sorry you have the McSickies at your home. We have the same bug. It has NOT been fun. I hope you guys get well soon.

You will NOT regret getting rid of cable. We have been cable free for several months now. I have noticed SUCH a difference in my marriage, in my kids, in our home atmosphere. Oh I just LOVE the difference!!!

Debra said...

Oh I love your new layout! Pyzam will erase everything everytime you change your layout so it is not you!

Jessica said...

I hope you are feeling better..That just sounds terrible. That sort of thing has never hit our house knock on wood!
I think cutting the cable will be fine:)..we lived without tv before we had kids, and talked a lot more!

Laurie said...

So sorry about all the sick kiddos. I hope everyone is feeling better soon!!

Love the new blog design. It looks great. Love that top photo of all the kiddos in sunglasses. Too cute!!

Casey's trio said...

Yikes...mommy totally deserves a sick day once in awhile. I hope you are all feeling better!

Shannon said...

Oh my goodness, that was a lot of puke and diarrhea! I hope everyone, including mommy, is feeling better.

Love the new look and love the ring. GOod luck in winning!

Jaime said...

Oh my....That is a nightmare!! I am so feeling for you right now!

Dr. N said...

Wow. That must've been one of the worst days of your life. Is it bad that I laughed hysterically reading about it?

Thanks for mentioning my blog.