Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Election

One of my personal goals for the start of the school year was to go to bed at a decent hour.  Like 10pm.  Especially since I usually have interrupted sleep (which I hope will NOT last much longer).  

The Democratic & Republican Conventions have derailed my attempt at heading to bed earlier.  I came into this political race a bit late, and feel that I need to catch up quickly & get myself  as informed as possible.  I know the conventions may not be the best place, but I am enjoying hearing the speakers.  The conventions have also 'messed' up my blog updates.  So I will resume them later.
Girls - these truly are historical & exciting times.  Not matter who wins this election, it will be an historic time in the United States.  For all of you girls this will be the second president in your lifetime.  
The regular blogs will continue soon - maybe after a good nap - ok, no nap - just a big cup of coffee.


Laurie said...

It is exciting to watch! I am SO in LOVE with PALIN. She was GREAT last night.

Laura said...

I have been watching too. It amazes me how short a period of time it is to the election once they choose their running mate.

Anonymous said...

Its is exciting to watch. I was amazed by Hillary and Obama's speeches.

Its time for a change.