Monday, July 7, 2008

One of Those Days!!

You know those days when you feel like all of your prayers for patience is being worked out by testing through fire & trials??? Today was one of those days.  Praise God that I became vaguely aware of it, and that today was Arturo's day off or we may have needed to start a therapy fund for our kids.  Here are some 'fun' glimpses of what I mean:

I spilled coffee all over myself
I missed the refrigerator door & dropped the jelly jar on the floor (yes it was glass & broke into a million pieces)
I opened the freezer door & a frozen casserole fell onto my foot (ouch)
Chloe rolled on the floor for 5 minutes in a fit b/c I took her out of the bathroom so that she wouldn't play in the toilet (I am NOT exaggerating - 5 full minutes at least - and she is not even 1 1/2 years old - scary)
Jillian feels like it will be 'Forever' before her b-day in October & cried
I was lifting Jillian over the baby gate with a cup of coffee in my hand, lost my balance, and fell onto the gate.  I did not land on Jillian & my coffee was mostly in the cup, but . . . my knees still have criss cross marks.
I spilled an open tupperware full of cut watermelon - good thing I hadn't mopped the floor already.
Stella let me know she had a poopy pamper by showing me the poop on her fingers from where she had dug in her pamper.
I decided a change of scenery would help, so I convinced Arturo that we should go feed the ducks at a local pond.  Everyone arrived a disheveled mess - trying to be fashionable & cute with 5 girls is way too stressful sometimes & today we were bumming - or should I say very casual. I didn't realize it was going to be blazing HOT & that there was going to be about a TON of duck & goose poop. ugh
Not sure if you can see all the piles of poo
Luckily, we came home, I filled up the kiddie pool, the kids got ice-pops, and . . .
as I went inside to put the scissors back in the kitchen - when I came out Chloe & Claire had climbed into the kiddie picnic table.  Lovely.  Here we go again, in double - Lord help me.
So I gave myself a time out, and Arturo took charge while I went for a loooong walk. AAAHHHHHHH
Tomorrow is another day - and hopefully my patience won't be tested as much!

Stella's hair . . . what can I say?

Another thing to climb on.


girlytwins said...

Tracy, I'm sorry you had a tough day. I hope that looking at the great pics you posted of your adorable girls made it a little better. They are so cute...bird poop and all :) I had one of these days recently. I really thought I might loose my mind. Good idea on taking a walk. Hope tomorrow is better :)

Jocasta said...

I hate those sort of days!

Hoping tomorrow goes well or at least the number of incidents is less!

Debra said...

Oh Tracy I have SO been there!!! I dread those days. 5 young kids can be WAY too much for one person to handle. Sunday night I just broke down and cried in front of my kids because it is so overwhelming at times. (Michael is on business trips for 2 1/2 weeks).

I am glad you got a break!!!!

Lala said...

seriously.. I KNOW those days! (except with 4 boys instead of girls!) I am sending good vibes your way for a spectacular day today!
chat atcha soon!

jenni anne said...

oh, i'm glad your husband was there to give you a break!! hopefully today will be much better for you! (by the way, i LOVE stella's hair! hehe)

Becoming Me said...

You are hilarious! But I am sorry you had a rough day...girl, if I had five kids, I'd be hiding under my bed. LOL. Your girls are darling!!

Debra said...

Your turn will come... I promise!!! It has seemed like FOREVER since we started with bottles. The money from the formula and the rice milk is GREAT! LOL Now.. I just have to get to the diaper free stage and I will be in HEAVEN! LOL It is a wonderful feeling knowing that they are getting older and we are starting a new phase in life. I know it will not be easier, but it will different. I have a friend who had 5 girls in 5 years (2 sets of twins. They are now 9,7,7,4,4. She said it is definitely easier now than it was when the younger two were still babies and toddlers. It just seems forever till we got out of it!

Debra said...

I KNOW!!! Enjoy NOW because it is EASIER? Are ya KIDDING ME? It makes me want to say FORGET THIS and run away! LOL It might be difficult because of teenagers supposed attitudes and things like that, but it is easier to deal with that stuff when you have a full nights sleep.

And I think that those people do NOT have twins. If we can survive the first year with twins, we can survive ANYTHING!

I cannot reply by email to your comments. Have you put your email addy in your blog settings? Go to Settings, comments and put your email in the section that says comment notification. That way when you comment, I can reply to you via email. :-)

Kim said...

I can totally relate to days like that! oh and I love Stella's big hair!!!!

Josh and Betsie said...

I dont know if you checked out the post on my blog about the mom who lost her 1 year old to a drowning. But you need to read her blog at After I read that for some reason I have had so much patience with my kids it is crazy. I know having a ton of young kids is hard and days just suck. But for some reason i just haven't been out of control anymore. I read her blog everyday and it gives me hope to go on each day. I hope your days are better.

Laurie said...

We ALL have those days! I hope that things are getting better. HUGS

Molly said...

Tracy, I'm sorry you had a rough day. I don't know how you do it. You are my hero! Your kids are darling!!!

Connie said...

Sounds like a rough one!!! I hope you are back on track now!! Good for you to take a walk!!