Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bringing out the Best

Most every Tuesday I have the pleasure & privilege of getting together with other moms for a Bible study.  It's not just that there is childcare provided, but it is very encouraging to keep God as a priority & have fun doing it.  Sometimes when a bunch of moms are left with open discussions we tend to focus mostly on our kids, how they frustrate us, and how difficult mothering little ones can be.  None of this is bad - I've fully participated in MANY of these conversations, but . . . besides venting & feeling emotionally validated (all necessary things as well) there is not always a focus for change or accountability to grow as women - not just mothers.

OK, I'm rambling a bit to get to my point.  My point - I've enjoyed the past few Tuesdays because not only do we vent & are validated, but we also get to encourage each other, remind each other that God is not only on our side, but is madly in love with us, and spend some quality time in prayer for our children.
The first part of our time is spent on a certain topic - today's topic:  Bringing out the best in our children.  As I think of this topic, I immediately think of how wonderful my girls are.  So today I would like to share a little bit about what I love about these wonderful girls God has entrusted to me for a time.
Claire is very inquisitive, loves to wrestle with her sisters, and at the same time is very dainty.
Chloe is so spunky - the perfect word for her.  She loves laughing, making faces, and will eat anything.

Stella almost literally grabs life with both hands & jumps in - laughing the whole time.  She has a joyful & passionate spirit.

Jillian is SUPER creative - she loves to put on puppet shows, play pretend, and she LOVES to play with and help her sisters.

Abigail is such an amazing helper that sometimes I forget that she is only 6.  She loves to read, loves to be fashionable, and loves to sing & dance.

These are my beautiful daughters & I pray that I will always be able to bring out, see & encourage the best in them - for the glory of God.


Debra said...

What a beautiful post!!!

I really enjoy Bible Studies. I went to one over the summer that my MOPS group in ND did when I lived there. I LOVED IT! It was like you said, we not only vented, but we looked for ways we could work on changing ourselves to be more in line with how God would have us be. And not just as mothers, but as women too! That is where I found out that I did not have to give up being a woman just because I was a mother!

Laurie said...

That was a great post. I love all the descriptions of each of your girls. I am glad that you have your study group!

jenni anne said...

this really was a beautiful post. i love my bible study ladies, too. we are taking a break during the summer, and i miss our thursday get togethers already!!

Connie said...

What a beautiful way to introduce your girls...they are all gorgeous, and you are a wonderful mommy!! It sounds like your study group is so rewarding for you!!

Jaime said...

I love how you describe your girls.

And I'm glad you have a nice group that you can get together with to encourage each other. That sounds great!

Dr. N said...

From your descriptions I know that the X-factor will get along great with your girls. We're looking forward to getting together with ya'll after we move to Athens.