Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Our Dog's New Toy

Life with 5 little girls can be a bit demanding - and so having a dog sometimes pushes me over the edge.  Not that she's a  bad dog - actually she is amazing with all of our kids (believe me they've tested the boundaries) - it's just having to think about another living thing can be a bit much.

So when our family was gone for 2 days, and someone came by to feed & take the dog out = she got a little weird.  When I asked how our dog did while we were gone, Paul - who took care of her - said she was acting strange & didn't want to leave her toys.  Truth be told she really doesn't have any toys besides a few tennis balls.  So I was curious to see her 'new' toys.  They were any toys of my girls' that talked or played music - like leap frog stuff, a telephone, etc.  She drug them to her bed and laid next to them & whimpered when they played music.  I know, weird.
Actually - hearing 'The Wheels on the Bus" at 3 in the morning is not weird - it's ANNOYING.  So we are working on breaking this habit asap.  Any advice accepted.


Insanely in love said...

She looks so cute with all of her new toys. I grew up with boxers and just love their personalities. Good luck with the taking away of the toys.