Monday, April 7, 2008

Moving Chairs

My daughter Stella, who will be 2 in May has an ingenious habit of moving the dining room table chairs to the kitchen counter to get what she wants.  Our dining room & kitchen are in one space & so it is easy for her to push the chair to the desired location.  She tries to find pacifiers, food, drinks, candy, basically anything out of reach.  I actually thought it was cute & creative in the beginning - but the novelty has worn off & the baby gate is put up most of the time.

Stella is one of those kids who will climb, push, pull, open, find - you name it she is into it & exploring it.  She is my third daughter & the first one where I have had to lock doors, hide things & put up the gate.  We have a fenced in yard & I believe she has walked around the entire yard looking for an escape.  She has even moved the kiddie chairs on the outside patio to see if she could climb over the fence.  She's only 2 - what will I do when she is 16?  Pray - pray - pray.  
The top picture was taken as she was playing in the rain.  My husband also got a shot of her drinking the fallen rain water - need I say more?


Jocasta and Wayne said...

They are great pictures - you family is so beautiful

Connie said...

She is adorable Tracy!!! I've been checking here to see if you update. I didn't expect it, but the comments keep me blogging!!

steph alease said...

oh my gosh, i miss this family.