Friday, June 17, 2011

Stella's Pre-K Graduation

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Stella's Pre-K Graduation
Stella graduated from Pre-K. She actually had 2 graduation ceremonies - one from her afternoon speech & language program, and the other from her pre-k morning program.

Part of the program involved announcing what each child wanted to be when they grew up, and to be perfectly honest I was a bit nervous as to what Stella would respond. There were 6 graduating pre-k classes, so I was hearing about all of the children who wanted to be doctors, policemen, veterinarians, teachers, mommies, inventors, and nurses. I was trying to guess what I thought Stella would say . . . I was clueless. We haven't really talked about this - I was thinking she would share how she liked pizza or wanted to go swimming. I was preparing for something unexpected. Let me tell you, Stella does NOT disappoint.
"And when Stella grows up she would like to be a . . . MERMAID." Oh yeah, that's right, Stella would like to be a mermaid. I do admit that we have watched the Little Mermaid a few times. We even have the movie: Ariel, The Beginning; but nothing to make me anticipate that answer.
When I heard her response, I honestly was relieved. I looked at my mom in giddy amusement, and laughed til I cried. My daughter, the aspiring mermaid.
In a bizarre way that answer was pure Stella. If the teacher would have responded that Stella wanted to be a nurse or teacher or fireman, I would have thought that Stella was being prompted or even copying a friend's response. Mermaid - pure Stella. I loved it!
Girls, I truly want you to be who God made you - what He created you for - who He intended you to be, and nothing else - nothing less. There can be a big difference between a profession and a calling; a job and a passion. I would be thrilled if you girls were able to follow your calling, and pursue your passion. Sometimes it takes years to figure out our passions, and many times it takes decades to discover our calling; but as we yield our life back over to the one who created it, He has an amazing way of weaving our experiences and interests into something valuable.
Girls, just know that Papi and I (and I'm sure the rest of the family) pray that you allow God to reveal Himself to you, as you begin to discover who you are in Him. And if who you are is a mermaid . . . we are thrilled.


Kate D said...

I've always wanted to know a real live mermaid. I encourage Stella to pursue this career so I can check that off my list :)

Love you woman!

Mark said...

Love you Stella!