Thursday, May 28, 2009

Abi's Honors Program

Abigail, Papi & I are so proud of you. Susie Dasher Elementary School had their honors program today, and thanks to Ms. Val, both Papi and I attended. I have to admit that walking into the gym full of students & parents waiting to see if their children will receive an award, I got a little swept up in the competition of it all. I know you are amazing, and I wanted to see you receive a bunch of accolades to prove it. Luckily Papi and his quirky sense of humor gave me some much needed perspective. Abigail, you are a daughter of the Lord of Lords & King of Kings. You need nothing more, and have NOTHING to prove. You are an amazing daughter and sister. I know this for a fact. I also know that receiving recognition for hard work is a great thing as well, and you have worked hard with homework & lots of reading this year.
Abigail, you were chosen to sing in the Susie Dasher Dino Choir, and your choir started off the program with some wonderful songs. You also received a certificate for your participation in the choir. Next, you received 2 ribbons for getting all A's in reading and in Language. An award was given out to one student in each class, where the students voted on the person they thought showed the best character, overall positive attitude, and was a role model. Abigail, your peers voted for you! You won a medal in recognition of your character. Papi and I are SO proud of you.
Academics are important - very important. But WHO you are & WHOSE you are are more important. You have demonstrated, and I am sure will continue to demonstrate a genuine love and compassion for others and for God that shines from your beautiful smile and actions. I am so blessed to have you as a daughter.


dlong said...

That's great! I know you guys are so proud!

Jessica said...

Awesome!! Great pics too:).

girlytwins said...

WTG Abigail! You are truly a beautiful spirit in every way :)