Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Chloe! Happy Birthday Claire!!

Chloe & Claire, you girls celebrated your 2nd birthday (a few days ago). There are two overwhelming feelings that describe how I feel about you girls getting older: relief & gratitude.
I feel a sense of relief because that first year was HARD. I can sum up a lot by saying that Mommy does not function well on lack of sleep. As you girls get older, I am enjoying you more & more. It is a pure delight to watch your personalities develop & to watch how you interact with each other & your sisters. I LOVE it!
The second feeling is a sense of immense gratitude to God for how He has blessed us with you two. You girls were 8 weeks early & spent almost a month in the NICU. Papi and I made it through that time because the WHOLE family pitched in - in every way imaginable to help us 5 young kids. I look back & just praise God, because in less than a year:
- we found out we were pregnant with you girls
- moved from the Dominican Republic to Florida
- lived with Grammy, Tio Frank & Tia Sara, Frankie & Micah
- found out the pregnancy was a monoamniotic-monochorionic high risk pregnancy
- Mommy spent 2 months in the hospital while pregnant (Papi visited me every day)
- Papi became Mr. Mom
- Visited you girls every day in the NICU for almost a month
- Took you girls home with NO complications/medications/machines/surgeries
- Papi got a job in Georgia
- bought a house & moved to GA

Grammy holding Chloe.

Tia Sarah feeding Claire.
Grammy holding Chloe's hand while she eats.

Tia Sarah holding both you girls.
Your first day snuggling together!

Eating cake on your first birthday.


Claire strapping her baby in her new stroller on her 2nd birthday.
Chloe carrying her new stroller around.

May God continue to bless, protect, and draw you close to Him. Chloe & Claire my strongest desire for you girls is that you will know that God has a plan & purpose for your lives, that you will from an early age accept the gift of Jesus in your lives, and that you will be sealed with the Holy Spirit and stay strong in the journey of your lives to love to the Lord with all of your mind, heart, body & soul! I love you girls. Happy Birthday.


Angela said...

Amazingly precious. Happy birthday to your sweet twin heartbreakers.

angie said...

I cannot believe the girls are TWO. How did that happen? Isn't it a wonderful feeling to see them so healthy and happy?

dlong said...

I'm glad your girls had a great birthday! It's so encouraging to them doing so well. Thanks for sharing your pictures, they are great!

Debra said...

Happy Birthday girls!! I hav. Found that the 2's get easier but busier in that u are constantly on the go with them!!

Can't wait to see u in 2 months!! LMK when u r driving to your moms reunion. I am heading out of here on the 10th.

Lyndsey mae said...

Happy Brithday Girls and conratulations Mommy and Papi for surviving another year :)

With your girls and ours too.. God has given them such a prupopse from the day the world knew they were monoamniotic. Their stories reached so many throughout the country.. so that they may pray and see God's work.. see a miracle bring these baby girls into the world healthy and thriving.

I can only dream on the many ways God will use their lives in the year to come!

I love your words of wisdom!

Jaime said...

Happy birthday girls!! They are so precious!

girlytwins said...

Adorable!!! I am not sure how I missed this post but Happy Happy birthday Chloe & Claire. You are two very loved little girls!

I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

Oh my gosh. They were so tiny! So sweet, too! They looked so healthy, though, for their small size. My girls came out looking was very yellow and the other very pink. lol! Your girls are so precious and I love all the big sisters they have! That's wonderful! Happy Birthday 2 Year Olds!!!

Josh n Betsie said...

happy birthday to your girls. I know I am a little behind but you understand right? All your girls are beautiful. I love the dark eyes. They remind me of my best friend in high school.

Shannon said...

Two is such a great birthday! Happy birthday sweet little girls! The fun just keeps growing with each year. Enjoy!