Saturday, November 15, 2008

Life . . .

Girls, life can be a funny thing.  I've noticed (& heard) that life with little ones - meaning you girls - seems like a day lasts forever and a year is gone in the blink of an eye.  This is so true.  Motherhood has a crazy dichotomy of being extremely busy, repetitive, intense, focused, repetitive, monotonous, slow, repetitive, boring, and repetitive all wrapped up into 24 hours.  There are days when I'm thinking it must -please God- be close to bed time, and it is only 3pm.  Having said that, I cannot believe that you girls are growing up so fast.  I am very aware that NOW is the time to invest as much as I can in you girls.  God is so amazing and creative that I see how uniquely He has made each of you girls.  At the same time, your personalities mix together in a way that has made our family unique in and of itself.  Papi and I are trying to encourage you to be who God has made you without getting too much in the way.  
Abi, your questions about life, God, death, science, animals - everything - amaze and leave me dumbfounded.  Your comments catch me off guard at times, and I am always fascinated by our conversations.  The other day we were making a tent in the living room, and you said " Mom, come help me with the tent now, because my brain is working at top speed now.  So it's the best time to do this." 
Abi - looked for a little notebook, and promptly asked me for people's phone numbers so that you could have your own 'phone book'.  Should I be scared?
This is you on the phone - can't remember to who.
Jillian, your sensitive heart & abounding emotions are both touching & maddening.  You can cry within a millisecond - a true gift.  You are very perceptive, and have told me that we will have a good day if we all follow the rules the first time. When asked the rules are:  Listen to mommy & Papi the first time;  no fighting, pushing, hitting, or kicking;  share everything;  no whining or crying;  eat all of your dinner.  GREAT rules!  
Stella, you are so hands on (literally). You are a true athlete already.  I was in the kitchen, and heard Chloe laughing so I peeked out to see what was amusing her.  She was lying on the ground, and you were jumping from one side to the other over her body - her head to be more exact.  While Chloe thought this was amusing, I was terrified.  Granted, you were 'clearing' her head, and had been jumping for a little while - I knew this could only end badly.  So I cheered, swooped Chloe up, and promptly found a baby doll for you to jump over.  Which was NOT as much fun.  
Chloe, you dive right into life, try anything, and take anything you want (which Claire is usually on the bad end of that deal).  Also Chloe, whenever you receive a snack you make sure you get an extra one for Claire.  Chloe you also LOVE to dance & love music.  
Claire, you are more observant, but when you 'decide' to participate it is 100%.  You do not take toys from Chloe much, but you do love to hit Chloe with things.  You are also VERY content to sit with mommy or Papi & just be with us.  You also LOVE to talk, and may start before Stella!
You would NOT let go of this football, or the piece of chalk in your hand.

I am learning every day how to be a better mom.  I try to be intentional every day to play with you, listen to you, ask you questions, and reinforce Truths in your life that hopefully will be your foundation.  We have had some great talks about God, playground time, bugs, heaven - life; and I have also missed opportunities I am sure because I am tired and/or cranky.  We are working out what it means to be a family.  I am learning not to be so intimidated by your questions.  I am realizing that simple answers are ok, and I do NOT need to go into a complete explanation - or make up an answer.  As I allow you girls to guide me in this process of growing and exploring, I am re-introduced to the wonderful duality of life.  Just like my everyday, life has simplicity and complexity wrapped together.  God is pretty amazing that way.  I am reminded daily of how simple faith is lived out as I watch you girls, and I am inspired to trust God implicitly - wholly.  

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wordful Wednesday

Stella, these next few pics are SO you!  You play hard, laugh hard, and love hard. Yes, sometimes your love attacks are a bit rough - but you are 100%.  I pray you always will live life 100% for Jesus - you  CANNOT go wrong!