Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Our family LOVES music.  There is almost always some sort of music playing.  Whether it is one of your toys playing nursery rhymes or a counting song, or mommy & Papi's music = there is music.  You girls instinctively sway your body, clap your hands, move your feet - you dance.  You dance unabashedly, and when it is just you & mommy - I also dance.I think that is one of the privileges of being a mommy.  I can dance & no matter what I do or look like, you think I'm cool.  If you only knew . . .  We dance together, we imitate each other, we create moves - it is fun.  Papi dances as well, and he usually plays his music so loud that our bodies can't help but feel the rhythm.  I feel that music is a true gift from God.

When we moved here, and after we got settled in; I joined the choir.  I like to sing, and I have sang quite a bit in various settings.  But I have never really been in a formal choir. I was a bit intimidated honestly.  Ok, I wanted to quit - because I thought for sure that someone was going to notice that I needed to listen to & echo what the person behind me did.  I hope no one asked what that extra squiggle was on those lines in the music.  
Something has happened since I have joined the choir, I almost always have a worship song playing in my head.  It is truly glorious.  You see, we practice the song we will sing for Sunday, and then practice for the next few weeks as well.  So the songs seep into my bones & penetrate my soul & surface when I am cleaning, changing poopy pampers, and cooking.  How amazing is that?  God is so good, and it has been wonderful to praise Him in song throughout the day.  May songs be a true vehicle to lift you up to your Creator - it is an amazing ride.


Aubrey said...

God is good! And there is no better feeling that singing his praises! Love it!!

Shannon said...

That is wonderful. We are huge music lovers around here too. Music is my favorite worship method. I feel the music instead of just hearing words. Amazing!

dlong said...

That is so wonderful. I don't sing in our choir (not much of a singer!) but I usually have whatever was on the radio when I get to work in my head all day! Music can be such a powerful thing and is such a wonderful way to worship. I love reading your posts!

mommaof4wife2r said...

so good to hear that you are finding the joy in small (or not so small) things. we love music here too...and if it can nourish your soul, right on!

girlytwins said...

Great post. We are also BIG music people around here. We dance all the time. Daddy likes to show off his old night club moves and the girls LOVE to imitate him :) It's a great family activity.