Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thankful Thursdays

Grammy comes tomorrow for a long visit, and we are ALL thrilled.  The girls have painted her welcome pictures, and there is a anticipatory excitement in the air.  Grammy is more than an extra pair of hands.  She is an amazing story teller, a creative playmate, a captive audience, a fellow singer, and . . . well I could go on for a long time.  Grammy is  . . . Grammy - no one can replace her.  I am sure we will have some fun pictures and possibly a few anecdotes of our time with Grammy.

It's funny how no matter how old I am, and actually I'm still pretty young, whenever my mommy comes I know that I as well will be cared for, pampered and things will be a bit easier.  She is an amazing example of what I would like to be, and provide for my girls - no matter what age they are.
Yes, Grammy is coming - and we are all very Thankful!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Surviving Summer

Feels like we have been 'enjoying' summer forever.  Here in GA, they get out of school VERY early - like May 23rd.  So, I have had the . . . pleasure of all 5 girls at home . . . all of the time.  This coupled with the fact that Stella has transitioned (ing) into a big girl bed & that Arturo has a lot of out of town trips, has thrown me a bit off schedule.  I've lost my groove.  Plus, no one told me how HOT Dublin, GA is.  I know some of you may be laughing since we came from the DR & with NO air, but - but - but - it's HOT here.  Like 102 +.  OK, we do have the air on, but it is NOT fun to go outside unless it's to someone's pool. hint, hint.  

Arturo leaves for the Dominican Republic this Saturday & praise God my mom is coming to be with us - did I already say PRAISE GOD!!!  It will be wonderful to have another pair of hands - and Grammy hand's are extra special.  We have already survived 2 out of town trips that Arturo has had this summer, so it will be nice to not just survive but enjoy time with each other & Grammy.  I am confident that our summer will get better with fun visits & hopefully some more structure in our day - yes, I would love your prayers.