Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas 2008

We had a great Christmas.  Grammy, Tio Frank, Tia Sarah, Frankie, Micah & Ruthie were here with us. We REALLY missed Tia Kelly.  It was nice to wake up with a house full of family.  We kept the door going into the living room closed so that we could all go in together - plus you kids wouldn't see the presents.  We got Chloe & Claire up, and Grammy wanted to say a prayer before we went in to open up presents.  It can be hard to keep focused on Jesus' birth being the real reason to celebrate with 8 kids 6 years old & under.  So Grammy told all you kids to sit down so that we could say a prayer.  Jillian, who LOVES to sing the blessing before dinner, decided she would take charge of this prayer.  Here was her prayer:
Thank You, Jesus
for our presents . . . AMEN.
At the amen all of you kids screamed, and ran out of the room, and into the living room at TOP speed. Grammy, Sarah, and I were momentarily stunned at the quick prayer - and even quicker feet carrying all of you kids out of the room - and then laughed hysterically.  Arturo was sitting on the couch & got a few shots of you running in!

We had also talked about having you open up the presents slowly, maybe even handing you the presents so that we could see your reactions & see what people gave you. None of that happened.  The next 20 minutes was a present ripping frenzy.  Awesome!

The girls LOVE puppets & Micah was putting on a quick show for Claire.

Stella woke up a bit later than everyone.  I know you may be wondering why I did not wake Stella up when everyone else got up.  Maybe Stella you have changed by the time you read this, but if not you COMPLETELY understand why I let you sleep until you were ready.  Mama knows.  You came out smiling!

This is Claire's new way of 'posing' for the camera.  Lovely.
Stella had a candy necklace in her stocking, and stopped everything for this pre-breakfast treat.
Grammy bought you girls a doll house.  Sarah & I spent a few hours the night before putting it together, and it was worth it. You girls LOVE it, and I know there will be LOTS of hours logged on that doll house.
Jillian, you were in baby heaven.  You spent lots of time with Ruthie, and she equally enjoyed the time.

The weather has been unseasonably warm here, and so it has been great to play outside.  It was perfect because Pap & Grandma Linda bought you girls some new swings for the play set & all of you guys had a great time breaking it in!  All of you girls & your cousins fully took advantage of being together, and with very little fighting.  Which is a Christmas blessing in itself.  
I have to admit that there is a part of me that wishes we would have focused more on Jesus' birth.  Been more 'spiritual'.   Should have volunteered somewhere.  Should have helped in a bigger way.  Should have read some more books about Christmas.  Should have . . . I don't know.  Girls, learn from me that it is NOT good to should on yourselves.  We had a wonderful Christmas.  I am SO grateful for our health, the unity of our family, the generosity of others, a warm house to celebrate Christmas in.  I know that Papi, Grammy, Tio Frank & Tia Sarah, Tia Kelly - we all feel that way.  We are so grateful to God for how He has blessed this family in all ways.  I think I've said it before, but cannot stress it enough.  We need to live Christmas throughout the year.  Celebrate what God has done for us by sending Jesus to be our Saviour.  Serve and think of others and their needs throughout the year.  Be grateful to God in all things - for He is good - all of the time - every day of the year.  Merry Christmas girls - every day!


Josh n Betsie said...

ive never seen so many excited kids as those. WOW! Im glad you had a good christmas

dlong said...

Those pictures of everybody running in are priceless. I'm glad you had a great time.

Casey's trio said...

Ahhhh...looks like a fabulous Christmas morning. How fun to open up presents like that first thing with all your extended family! And I love how Stella needs some extra sleep...I totally understand:)

ASHLEY said...


Lyndsey mae said...

Okay.. I haven't even finished reading your post.. because i got so excited when I saw the doll house. Danny and I spent HOURS putting together the exact one on Christmas eve for our nieces! At 1030 at night when they HUGE box came in.. we thought we would NEVER finish! But we did and the girls loved it.. I am so happy to know you were up at the exact same time doing the exact same thing.. do they like the porch swing or the doll toilet the most? lol

Debra said...

Oh TOO funny! But that is what memories are made of. Glad you had such an awesome Christmas!! That doll house is sweet! Your girls will be playing with that thing for yrs to come!

Merry Christmas!!

Jaime said...

Looks like such a fun day!Love that you spent it with extended family. FUN!

Becoming Me said...

Wonderful pictures---glad to see a doll house too. :-) Hope we get to see you soon

Aubrey said...

That was the cutest prayer!
I love that picture of Stella peeking around the door. She's adorable. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas!
Hope you and your beautiful family have a blessed 2009!

Connie said...

That is soooo cute, that Papi is some photographer!! I love the super short prayer cute!!