Monday, September 22, 2008

Time Tested Friendships

Jen came to visit last weekend, and I knew it would be a perfect opportunity to write to you girls about friendships.  The combination of a busy week, and the difficulty of truly capturing what it means to be a friend has been a bit more challenging than I anticipated.  Girls, you will encounter people as you journey through this life who you will forge a friendship with.  I specifically use the word forge, because these are friendships that are worked on, developed, and will touch you for a lifetime.   Some friends you will lose contact with simply because the journey of life can be a curvy crazy road.  Some friends you will always keep in touch with because they become a part of you - no matter how long it takes to call back.  Other friends will weave in and out of your life, leaving a funky design that colors your life. You will sometimes be painfully aware of these friendships, and sometimes you will have an instant realization - almost like a surprise party- that this friendship will be one that will endure this life and eternity.  (I am sure I will talk to you more about friends - believe me- so for now I'll stay focused on this friendship.)  
I met Jennifer & her man, Scott when I went to 'visit' the Dominican Republic.  That visit was to determine if I felt God was leading me to work with Young Life there, and I just happened to visit with an extra suitcase full of stuff to leave for when I moved there.  Don't ask.   It was on this trip that I met a couple who have become my true friends.  Jen had more energy than a cheerleader on caffeine drinks, and Scott was very laid back & always seemed to be thinking something both extremely profound & funny at the same time.  I immediately knew they were going to be an interesting pair of friends.  I quickly found out that they both LOVED rock climbing, and I immediately thought . . . crap.  I just might be too lazy for this friendship - what will we do together?  Luckily, they also love food, playing games (like Wordstock), and most of all Jesus.  They lived 2 1/2 hours away in Santo Domingo, and over the years their house became my home whenever I was in that crazy city of over 3 million people.
Living in a country that is not your own, and being far from family, friends, and familiarity creates a longing for intimacy.  I had some of the most amazing, intimate, and soul warming moments with Jesus at this time than almost any other.  It also helped me develop some significant friendships in record speed.  Jen became one of these friends.
Even though we did not live in the same city, we saw each other frequently and worked as a team in many aspects of Young Life.  We have done so many wacky things together . . . ahhhhhh.
Jen is still living for Jesus, and taking care of her family.  We both live stateside, and only 5 hours apart.  God is good.  Now when we get together, it is not as action packed as it used to be - there is a LOT more coffee involved, conversation about our kids, and mostly our love of Jesus & how we can spur one another on to His glory.  That is a friendship.

Perk, Claire, Me, Stella, Abigail, Chloe, Ellie, Jennifer, Jillian


Kate D said...

that picture is amazing. and your description of scott and jen was dead on. love it.

Aubrey said...

What a lovely story of your friendship! You both are blessed to have each other!
Your picture is beautiful!

mommaof4wife2r said...

long time friends rock my face off! and i love it when we get together and it's like a day hasn't passed!