Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Crazy Times of 2008

Presidential elections, financial crisis, high gas prices & leans - seems like we are smack in the middle of precarious times.  I am hoping that when you girls finally read this journal, all of these things will be truly history & would have had NO long term lasting affects.  I really don't know.

I have stated before that I have NOT been good at keeping up with current affairs of our nation or others for that matter.  I would like to think that I focus on our community, and trying to care for others locally (generally speaking).  This is IMPOSSIBLE - especially in today's day and age.  What goes on & is happening around the world in many ways affects us exactly where we are at.  Also, as a follower of Christ, I am mysteriously connected to my 'brothers & sisters' in Christ around the WORLD.  Not just in our city.  I am still figuring this out - how to live for Christ in a holistic  / global way.
-Should I not call FEMA to put pressure on them to help natural disaster victims?
-Should I not recycle - put pressure on my city to start recycling?
-Should I know who my Senator & Congressmen are & what they are doing?
-Should I not support my local stores & not just purchase it ALL at Wal-Mart?
-Should I compost?
I am not trying to 'should' on you girls, but . . . we are called by God to love our neighbor - in ALL of our actions.  Not easy, and mommy is not always great at following her own advice, but I'm trying.  I think it is IMPORTANT.


Connie said...

I just think we all need to our best, and that is our own best...

Kristin said...

I've been enjoying your blog! Beautiful family! You never know who you may meet blogging. :)