Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lessons Learned from Project Runway & Top Chef

I admit it girls, I LOVE to watch Project Runway and Top Chef! I think you might be able to see a connection with Top Chef . . . I love to eat - especially if I am not making the food - and I really do enjoy baking and cooking delicious meals & desserts. Project Runway on the other hand may baffle you . . . I admit that I choose function over fashion, and haven't accessorized since the 80's when I was in my faux punk phase. But there is something about the show that intrigues me, entertains me, and I admire.
Maybe it is the fact that with both shows a group of people are given a crazy project, limited time, pressure to produce, and stiff competition in which to compete. I think I would secretly like to be so good and confident at something that I would not only choose to compete, but be accepted into such a rigorous contest. Having shared all of this . . . I am sure you are asking yourself exactly what lesson I have learned from these shows.
BE YOURSELF. Be who God created you to be, and have confidence in your ideas and capabilities. Over and over again, people have been booted off of these shows when they veer from who they are, and try to accomplish something that is not them. I am not advocating for a play it safe life where you do not try new things or push yourself beyond what you are currently doing. In fact, nothing exciting or adventurous happens if you do not risk, and sometimes through new risks we actually gain deeper insight into who God has created us to be . . . so by all means try new things. Just be true to yourself in the process.

A perfect example is Papi. He is an amazing photographer, and as he began to establish his wedding photography business he had many opportunities to do things in the expected way - that is NOT your Papi. A great example of this is his Get Married & Give Back. This might seem strange that he would give 10% of his earnings to a charity of the couple's choice . . . but that is who your Papi is! He has a heart and desire to invest in missions, and get people excited in investing in missions, and open doors for people to invest in missions. You see, Papi is about missions - missions locally, globally, medical, educational, and spiritual. Though it might not be the typical choice or idea - it is Papi being who God created him to be . . . an advocate for those whose voice is getting lost amidst the self-focused crowd. Papi creates opportunities to do what he loves to do, and brings others along so that they can share in the blessing of giving. I am proud of your Papi, and hope that His example to be who God created him to be will inspire you as you grow into young ladies.


Deb said...

I love you woman! This is so true of both of you:)